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Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is?

Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is?

What message are you sending? Do people understand what you do for them? What would make someone get on the phone with you? If you don’t know, that might be the issue with your business.

It is difficult to clarify your message, boiling it down to what people buy and why. We are approaching the way to make it clear and we carry a lot of luggage through the process. But there are ways to get on the track.

A few years ago, I wrote more often about the concept of a personal brand. Then I stopped.

I was frustrated because too many people seemed to emphasise what actions they should take to create and maintain their brand. That’s like selling a candy bar and spending 95% of your effort on the wrapper.

And yet.

You can’t avoid being a brand!

If you swap the word brand with name, it might resonate with you a bit more. What are you known for in this world? What connections do people make when they think of your name?

My thoughts have gone back and forth on this, but here’s my thinking:

The action is good.

Repeatable results are good.

A clear way to describe those results is gold.

When I think of Christopher S. Penn, I think of effective technology-driven marketing.

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Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is

The Big Question

A few weeks ago, I empowered you with a great question to ask when designing customer experiences.

It was What happens next?

Read That Blog Post Here

The question to answer when it comes to your brand as it relates to doing business is. Why does someone call you?

Imagine a group of people discussing around a table. They’re frustrated. Something’s not working quite right. They haven’t been able to solve it, and they’re feeling less and less like they ever will.

Oh wait, one says. We should call [Your Name]!


What do you solve for them?

That’s the question.

How you answer that question is everything.

I hope you’re feeling just a little queasy right now. At this moment, you might be experiencing some of the following:

-I have no idea
-The answer could be one of many options
-I haven’t done enough yet
-I’m not sure people know why to call me
-I haven’t articulated this well

That is a problem that we could technically assign to your brand or lack thereof.

But think of all the efforts that won’t solve this challenge:

-No one cares about your logo
-No one cares about your fonts
-No one cares about your tagline or mission statement
-No one cares what colour you wear to conferences or your fancy socks
-None of that matters directly

That’s where people get all twisted.

Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is

What’s The Core?

I already snuck it in:

-The action is good
-Repeatable results are good
-A clear way to describe those results is gold


-Your brand is a result of action!

Solve something well. Do it often. Describe it so clearly and succinctly that it becomes synonymous with your name.

Stop worrying about whether you should create videos. Yes, create videos. Stop worrying about whether you should blog. You must blog.

Sure, have a lovely site, a good logo, all that stuff. It builds trust.

But do something useful and explain it in under five words.

Or it just doesn’t matter.

That’s your brand.

Being blunt and wrapping that into plain English serves a purpose. Let me know in the little box below if you care.

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Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is

Your Brand | Do People Get What Your Business Is

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