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A Writing Course for The Sciences

Writing in The Sciences

Coursera is now offering a writing course for the sciences.

This course teaches scientists to become more efficient writers. With examples and practical exercises the topics include:

-Good writing principles
-Quicker and less anxious typing
-The format of a scientific manuscript
-Peer review
-Grant writing
-Ethical issues in academic publications, and writing for a general audience.

Who is this class for? This course is for,
-Students and doctoral students
-Medical students
-Medical professionals, and authors of science.

Unit 1

Unit 1 presents the course and reviews the fundamental principles of effective writing. In particular, you will practice cutting the mess in writing.

Unit 2

Unit 2 is focuses on writing with active voice using active verbs.
The lessons include how to,
-Write in the active voice
-Avoid converting verbs into nouns
-Choose active verbs, and quickly get to the main verb of a sentence.

Unit 3

In unit 3 you will learn how to,
-Vary the sentence structure and write strong paragraphs.
-You will practice using the hyphen
-Colon, semicolon and parentheses, as well as writing well organised and concise paragraphs.

Unit 4

In unit 4 the writing process is checked. You’ll get tips on how to make the writing process more comfortable, more efficient and more organised.

Unit 5

Unit 5 examines the sections of a scientific manuscript.
You will learn how to,
-Format tables and figures
-How to write results, methods, introductory and discussion sections.

Unit 6

Unit 6 discusses the peer review process and ethical issues in scholarly publishing. You will learn how to avoid,
-Determine authorship
-How to submit a paper
-How to write a peer review and to prevent predatory journals.

Unit 7

Unit 7 reviews typefaces beyond original research manuscripts.
You will learn how to write
-Letters of recommendation, and personal essays.

Unit 8

Unit 8 reviews communication with a broader audience.
You get to know how to,
-Work with the media
-Interview processes, and write about science for a general audience.


Coursera offers financial support. Financing is available to learners who want to complete a course but can not afford the course fee.

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Writing in The Science

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