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Writing A Letter To The Younger Self | Writing Therapy

Writing A Letter To The Younger Self

Writing a letter to the younger self is a valuable self-help tool. It nourishes self-awareness, the processing of current and still present pain, mainly because of events in the past. Above all, it promotes the acceptance of your ego and your past. That is why such exercises are called writing therapy. Scientific findings can be found all over the internet.

But today it shouldn’t be about the science behind it, but about the experience. As a writer, I like to give you an example from my own writing therapy.

I write to you from the future, this letter is to make you feel better and more confident in what’s coming.
I know sometimes things didn’t go so well, not the way you wanted, that you wanted a lot different and that you regret a word or two. What you did and didn’t do, all your unlived dreams, you can catch up with them. You have enough time.

Don’t worry about what you believe is lost, consequences or mistakes, what moves others. Every path you take will take you to other corners of your life, make you discover something new and allow you to get to know you even more deeply. It will be important experiences and lessons. Appreciate that.

Today, 10 years later,

I must smile about it when I think back to all the experiences. I am grateful for every supposedly wrong step. That’s why I want you to know that everything will work out.

No matter which way you choose, it will take you to your destination. We have already arrived there in my time and have everything you still miss. You are already on the right path. Just go ahead and have confidence. Your time will come.

Until then, please don’t doubt so much. Don’t waste your time on other people’s thoughts. Those who love you anyway will stay. I can tell you, there will be more in your future. Instead, those who have bad intentions and use you become less. There are still some that need to part with you. Let them go. Don’t think if it’s right or wrong. Just keep moving.

In a few years,

the most essential thing will come to your mind one morning. I almost didn’t recognise it, had I not been forced to look, through illness and a lot of negative things, at our lives. I want you to know it now, to save you precious time and worries.

Once you find out who you are and who you want to be, there’s nothing and no one left to hurt you. Therefore, take good care of yourself and appreciate your visions. Sanctify them, because they will carry you over all sorrows and nourish you even if you believe you are starving emotionally.

Stand behind you and what is screaming in your expression. If necessary, separate yourself from people who don’t share your ideas and values. Walk past those who disregard your dreams or want to prevent you from realising them. Don’t let it stop you just because it might be uncomfortable for others.

Do something good for yourself, and do it daily.

In love,

your 10 years older self.

Help yourself,

by writing a letter to the younger self. Try it out. You don’t need much, just a quiet environment, some time, paper and pen.

Writing A Letter To The Younger Self

What would you want to communicate to your younger self?
What would you warn yourself about?
From a current perspective, what would you do differently if you had another chance?
What do you regret having or not having done?
What did you judge right and wrong? Just write on it.

Pay no attention to perfection, spelling and grammar. Give yourself to the flow and let out what wants out and comes up voluntarily. Maybe you would like to share how it turned out.

I wish you lots of fun,


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Writing A Letter To The Younger Self

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