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Use Details To Stimulate The Imagination Of The Readers

Details That Inspire

Write with details. Without details, stories and writings are above all one thing, naked and lifeless. It’s the details that let you shape your stories and inspire the imagination of your readers. It’s the details that inspire you for your poetry and your world.

Write With Details

First of all, stories and texts are one thing, an ocean of ​​letters and words, ink on the paper.

For this ink to come alive and take shape for the reader, it needs details. Details make pictures of bare words. Details stimulate your reader’s imagination, make them see, taste and experience a story.

They will also be enthusiastic, captivated let into your world.

In this sense, you could, of course, write, for example, that for the ancients the world was flat. Absolutely correct. However, your writings will be quite flat pretty soon as well.

On the other hand, if you write that for the ancients, the world was a disc that threatened you to fall off when you came too close to its outer edges, draws a picture.

An image that the reader clearly sees in mind. A picture that doesn’t require your readers to trust your utterances blindly, but that shows details that they can see and understand for themselves.

Find Details

How do you find details?

Very easily. Rule number one, watch!

Use your senses and pay close attention to what you see, hear, smell or taste. Then try to describe these perceptions as precise as possible.

Stay with the bare facts and refrain from judgments or interpretations. The reader should interpret and judge.

If observing is not enough, you can also resort to memories, descriptions of other authors or your imagination. At best take care not to put too much emphasis on your imagination. As the saying goes, life writes the best stories.

For example, you can’t describe a three-year-old so charming and enchanting if you haven’t seen the kid yourself, or if no one hasn’t told you in detail. It is the real, the authentic, that gives it its charm. If you stay with your imagination, your writings quickly become implausible or clichéd.


The boy was sitting in the corner playing with his new toy car. Bland, boring, without details as you can see.

But Now We Do The Following

The boy was sitting in the corner. A thin saliva thread ran from his half-open mouth unnoticed over his chin as his little fingers tested his new toy car. Look, the wheels turn. Faster and faster. A humming broke out of him. Humming, he whispered, humming. Details and some more details!


Don’t give too many details. If you describe everything down to the smallest detail, nothing stimulates the imagination; you created a clear picture. Give your readers enough scope to supplement the picture with their and thoughts.

Practice the whole thing the same way with the following exercise.

Using details to stimulate the reader’s imagination.

You don’t have to work with a scene right away. Begin calmly with an object, a garment or something similar motionless. For example, describe a pencil, a pen, or your keyboard. Pay attention to the details. Make a game of it and try to find 5, then 10, then 20 details.

Highlight the most meaningful details, those details which best reflect the essence of your subject, its most important features.

Review and then shorten your writing until it has enough detail to give your reader a picture, but not so many as to kill the objective.

Stimulate the reader’s imagination and let them seek the rest. The more readily they will follow and let you pull them into your world.

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Write With Details

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