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Where Are You Investing Your Time?

Where Are You Investing Your Time?

If I asked you to send me $15,000 for investing on your behalf, you’d say no immediately, or you’d think long and hard about it. But if I asked you where you’re investing your time and I took an audit of your last seven days, what would I find?

Let’s say you make handmade quilts. Your friends are all telling you; You should sell those! You start to agree. Would you then,

Take quilting classes to learn how to quilt?

Read books and buy courses about other successful quilt sellers?

Hire quilt coaches to teach you better quilt business success plans? As absurd as that sounds, it’s also where a lot of people invest their time.

I’ve used invest a lot in the last 100+ words. Why? Because time is finite, that’s a fact. We treat time as if it’s infinite and money as if it’s not.

Are you investing your time in the wrong places?

A Magical Question to Fix Your Investment Problem

Everyone does this, by the way. I do it. We all end up chewing on something mentally and eating up our time. But here’s a great question to help,

What is The Result I Need?

What is The Result I Need?

This question is so important. Because it aims to help you to better understand where you want to invest your time.

Remember my quilt example above? Are you trying to learn HTML so you can build a better website? Don’t! Use tools. Hire a developer. Get your quilt out there and then focus on helping others find it and buy it.

Examples of Better Investments

If I’m launching a new relevant website, I’ll build it on WordPress Sites because they handle a lot of the heavy lifting.

If I’m launching a one-off site that doesn’t matter long term, I will use something like Wix.

I know I don’t spend a lot of time in my business digging deep into the technical aspects of what I’m doing. It’s because quite often, that isn’t where I should spend my time. Besides, I don’t have to, I have a developer for that.

I built my business on WordPress because it was where I’d invested a lot of my other efforts. If I were to start from zero, I’d build my business the same way. It’s a proven concept.

Hire A Web Developer

Audit Yourself With That Question

That question is key. What is the result I need?

Your time will never reset. You don’t get it back. Make decisions faster. Stop learning to learn. Stay focused on the result and your goal.

Are you here to sell beautiful quilts or to build up a quilt support industry?

What is the result that you need? What is it that will get you closer to your goals? Where should you stop sinking hours and hours of time?

The answers sting, but the reward for fixing this is huge!

Let me have your thoughts on this blog post. I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

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Where Are You Investing Your Time

Where Are You Investing Your Time

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