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Trust The Process

Trust And Patience

What about the process? You’ve probably heard that phrase before, trust the process.

It has become the mantra of long-suffering fans of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.

After years of basement dwelling in the NBA, they have finally assembled a team people are excited about.

As with most things though, fans aren’t always patient. They want results. But as the team continues to gather wins, they can see where this is heading, and people are indeed starting to trust the process.

What About The Process?

It would be too simple to say that the owners, general manager, and coaches are singularly focused on a championship.

Ultimately, that may be what they want, but accomplishing that task requires more than a vision for what that will look like.

It requires a strategy for how it will be accomplished. And in the face a myriad of variables, tactical decisions along the way.

And we haven’t even approached the day-to-day, feet on the ground actions required to execute all of this.

Not to mention there are a lot of people involved in executing this process.

But that’s on you!

Do You Trust Your Process?

I mean, I’m sure you trust your work ethic, or maybe you trust in your ability to find a solution.

Maybe sales are your thing, maybe you create excellent content, or you’re the perfect face of your brand.

More to the point, how much time are you devoting outside of your day to day actions to make the critical decisions that will help you achieve your success?

As small business owners, we often get locked into grinding out the daily stuff. I wonder if we know how those actions are impacting the process.

Do we measure that impact?

Does one success mean we’re on track?

Does a series of setbacks mean we should rethink the strategy?

How do you know?

We can’t trust the process until we’ve defined it. And that’s on us.

Do you trust your process?

From Here To There

What About The Process

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