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We Want The Bite, Not The Meal

We Prefer To Scan And Dip
And Sometimes Dive

We want the bite, not the meal. It’s Netflix all the time. It’s that constant scroll. Our inbox is a scroll. Our social networks are a scroll. We nearly never look at just one source of anything at a time. How many browser tabs are open while you’re reading this?

Our attention works like that now. We scan, then we dip. Sometimes we bounce from that dip to more in-depth of what we’re learning and then maybe, we’ll go even deeper. We go for a dive.

Scan -> Dip -> Dive

Or you could say

Bite -> Meal -> Dining Experience

Either of them works.

This changes how we present what we do to people

I see two somewhat related approaches that this whole bite-sized consumption world makes us all have to consider,

We must put more bite-sized pieces of what we offer out into the world without as much padding and meat because that’s how people want to consume it.Hence, we want the bite, not the meal.

We must also spend time creating guided paths so that when someone takes one of your bites, the option exists for someone to see the deeper dive that’s available if they want it.

It’s that mix of everything needs to be bite-sized mixed with everything also needs to guide a potential buyer towards the deeper material, if need be.

That Works For Straightforward Communication, Too

Twitter had one thing right, at 140 characters. It forced people to learn brevity. That spans out to all other ways of communicating.

I am talking about this change in information as it applies to marketing and media. We want clarity, brevity, and the opportunity, but not the requirement, to dive deeper. You can imagine that for something as easy as an email too, right?

Subject lines must be something that earns an open. Even at work. No longer can we say Hey, quick question and count that as a useful subject line.

The scan leads to the dip leads to deeper.

We Want The Bite, Not The Meal


Subject – scan
First paragraph – dip
Everything else – deeper

Media like blogging

Tweet, and/or Post subject line – scan
Post – dip
Links to other resources – deeper

It’s Here Already

As attention wanes more and more every day, we have to earn it. The change to having people bite and nibble at your material is a now challenge, not a get ready for the future matter.

Is there still room for the dining experience of long form?
Yes, after you earn it with bites and meals.

Gone is producing one piece of content. It’s atomised now. And you and I have to adjust if we want to earn the right to sell and serve.

How would that adjusting look like for your business? Go deep into the comments and let me know.

Prepare For What’s Coming

We Want The Bite, Not The Meal

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