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Three Steps To Read Creatively | Creative Reading

Use Creative Reading To Better Understand And Easier Remember

Three steps to read creatively. Those who actively read will understand writings better and remember easier than the casual observer. Take advantage of that. Use the methods of creative reading to actively and creatively engage with your writings.

If you want to be successful, you have to read; because reading influences success. And indeed, despite technical developments, texts are still an essential basis for information and communication. There’s no learning without the written word.

In addition to the usual reading techniques, creative techniques and methods of creative writing under the term creative reading help the reader to understand texts better.

Creative reading focuses on turning the reader from a passive consumer to an active reader.

Those who not only allow texts to rush by but actively engage with them, can record them better, play them back and think ahead. We can remember texts easier, learn to form our own opinion, and not least develop our personality.

Three Steps To Read Creatively

Here are some recommendations for how you can use individual forms of creative reading in the reading process.

Phase 1, Before Reading

Get started before the actual reading. For example, brainstorm and tune in on the subject of your text, what’s it about? What does the title promise? What associations does it and the topic awaken in you? Do you already know about the topic?

In that way, you put anchors in your brain where you can later dock with the text. So you will understand it better and remember more easily.

Write questions that the text should answer, it will make you read more attentively.

The whole thing works well with a little free writing. Write spontaneously for 5 to 10 minutes uncensored on what thoughts you get to athe title or topic. Again, deal with your text before the actual reading.

Three Steps To Read Creatively

Or grab a pencil and brush, and capture your impressions graphically. Whatever you prefer.

Phase 2, During Reading

Stay active while reading. For example, write down questions and ideas that come to your mind during reading in a reading journal. That can be a file on your computer or an old notebook. The medium doesn’t matter.

If you keep these notes in more detail, you can use them for an excerpt right away.

Or grab the pen again and edit your text with arrows and icons. Mark important statements and theses. Join individual arguments. Work out the order and structure. Look for gaps and breaks in the author’s reasoning.

You know, don’t just read, but work on your text. Invest this extra time. It will be an invaluable help, especially for difficult texts, textbooks or scientific papers.

Three Steps To Read Creatively

The time you put into those step saves you from having to read it all over again later or wondering what the author really wanted to tell you.

Phase 3, After Reading

You can penetrate the text even more in-depth if you continue to process it after reading it using various methods.

For example, visualise the skeleton, main messages or ideas of the text with a mind map.

Give the reasoning, in the case of texts, or the storyline, in narratives, with a flowchart.

Make a fictional dialogue with the author and ask him about his writing intent, to see if you understand it.

Form your own opinion by comparing your thoughts to the author’s arguments in a table.

Become an author yourself and write a small text, a story or a poem about what you have read. Spinning on the source text, bring your thoughts, take a stand.

Three Steps To Read Creatively

Understand the subliminal assumptions of a text such as reading is fun by changing that premise or guiding idea and then retelling the version.

Three Steps To Read Creatively

You see the principle? Don’t rush through your text, but actively and creatively engage with it. The better you understand it, the easier you remember it and come up with your original thoughts and ideas.

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Three Steps To Read Creatively

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