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The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

I’m Starting to Develop a Magical Ability to See Something.
When you have dozens, sometimes a few more, conversations a week, there are bound to be themes and patterns. I’m going to tell you the big pattern I see from a lot of people, you might have been one of them, but you know, “you” equals a lot of people.

A Tale Of Love Over Fear

I won’t use real words, but I’ll give you the gist:

You: “My problem is something that’s not your problem.”

Me: “I don’t know, but I think maybe this is your problem.” Also not their problem.

You: ”Something else, something else,” I start to smell something.

Me: “I figured it out. You have to get naked.” Only not those real words.

You: “Oh, okay,” but said like you’ll never do what we just talked about.

And Now, The Big Reveal

I’ll proclaim something, make it about you, and then tell a story.

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

I’m an amazingly talented and smart person with a lot to contribute!


I let my patterns and comfort and willingness to surrender and fear to get in the way.

This Is Your Story, Too

You are talented and smart and whatever until, and this is one of the most powerful words in storytelling in your life, you let your patterns and comfort and your willingness to surrender and your fears get in the way.

And Now, More And More Reveal

What will make them succeed? What will make me succeed? What will make you succeed?

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

The answer is the same for all of us.

You have to get naked, by this, I mean get out of your own bullshit and excuses and focus on whatever it is you really want to be doing.
You have to be creative, by this, I mean stop following what’s come before but also trust what you already know how to do.

List ten things, a hundred things.
You have to stick to your goals, by this, I mean you can change the approach, but never the goals. Unless I do it without surrender.

You have to abandon fear and choose love, by this, I mean, love yourself, and love helping others. And I mean love. No smaller word. Fear is easy and pervasive. It’s in everything.

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

You have to stay in motion, by this, I mean that the above four things crumble quickly if you don’t renew them daily. Daily. It breaks down so fast. I’ve been stuck for years and am only now coming out of it.

Let me boil it down even tinier, into a mantra:

Goal Getter
Love over Fear

I know so many people who feel they’re washed up or they did their big thing back then, or they hit it big, and now they’re the also-ran.


The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

Your Best Work Hasn’t Happened Yet

Your best work hasn’t happened yet because you’re not dead yet. You get a thousand or two thousand more tries. You get lots and lots of shots at it.

And someone needs what you’ve been holding back. Someone out there needs to hear what you figured out.

Not your junk. Not the stuff you do while you’re still playing it safe. The real thing. The thing you were embarrassed about talking about, the thing you thought was a dark, dirty, secret.
The naked stuff of you.

The secret to your best work is hidden in there, I’m afraid. And that’s the only way through.

Go get it. Pull it out. Clean it up. And share it.

Stop handing in Lunchables and pretending it’s a meal. If you’re from some other country, these.

I’m talking to me, but I might also be talking to you. I’m totally talking to you.

The End!

Oh crap! I forgot to tell you the secrets! Lots of people stopped reading a while ago, so if you’re still here, this is the secret:

All the good stuff requires some pain, some or lots.
All the good stuff takes practice, lots of it.
You have to fail. Quite a bit, it turns out.
You’ll be wrong until you’re right.
No expert knows what it takes. They know what didn’t work.
We’re all making it up as we go until we’re not.

There. Those are the secrets. Talk to the most successful people who’ll take your call or reply to your email, and they’ll verify it all.

Get Naked!

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

As always, your reactions to my blog posts are much appreciated. The little box below is for that exact purpose. I am sure to get back to you as quick as possible.

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The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

The Naked, Creative Goal Getter

3 Comments to “The Naked, Creative Goal Getter”

  1. Lorenza says:

    Awesomeness Danyel! ” Your best work hasn’t happened yet because you’re not dead yet.
    You get a thousand or two
    thousand more tries.”. It’s all about sharing yes. Pain is hard but sharing you’re experiences is what helps others. We’re all connected and we can all learn from eachother. Really great post!

    • Danyel says:

      Well put Lorenza. There is a lot we can do to help and get the word out.
      Thank you for your comment here, much appreciated.

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