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The Cost Of Good SEO Text

How Much Does Good SEO Text Cost


The cost of good SEO text is tumbling, yet the need for SEO texts is increasing. Be it for corporate websites, for themed blogs or online shops. Parallel to the demand, SEO copywriters sprout like mushrooms in the rain.

But beware, not every provider hides a professional and not every cheap text offer delivers the desired result. Good work costs money. That’s the case everywhere and of course, the search engine optimised text creation segment is no different.

Anyone Can Write

But what does writing mean? Writing an essay, yes, we already learned that at school. However, an excellent essay has absolutely nothing to do with advertising or journalistic texts or even with the creation of SEO texts.

A copywriter is not a profession one can study at University. There is also no subject-specific study. Copywriters usually have started their studies in languages, humanities, business administration or marketing in an agency as a trainee or they are career changers. And that is precisely the problem.

A copywriter doesn’t have an M.A. or B.A. standing behind the word copywriter and there is no Dr title either.

The same is true of SEO copywriters. There is no academic qualification. SEO copywriters can only convince with text samples of their quality. That’s why I recommend anyone who requests an SEO copywriter first to request text samples or at best to have a sample text tailored to their own company or online store.

A serious SEO copywriter will undoubtedly like to create a paid sample text or has already created a similar text and can present this text as a document.

SEO Skills Don’t Fall From The Sky

The search engine optimization or short SEO is a wide field and constantly on the move. Where, a few years ago, the so-called keyword density was virtually the only criterion for a good SEO text, nowadays, above all, the text content counts. Text stuffed with keywords was yesterday.

Google also doesn’t like these keyword battleships anymore. Content is king again.

So What Is Good SEO Text?

Search engine optimised content is a text that is perfectly tailored to the target group, i.e. your customers, in which keywords are strategically placed. At best, the keywords that match a product, service, or business have been re-researched. A good copywriter will do this research.

So much just to briefly outline the essence of SEO text.

This rough knowledge is underpinned by a good copywriter with detailed knowledge, which also extends into the technical search engine optimization. Technical SEO and search engine optimized text editing go hand in hand.

One without the other doesn’t bring the desired results. And that’s exactly the detailed knowledge about keyword research, meta-tags, keyword density, WDF * IDF that describes a good SEO copywriter. For that, the writer has to stay constantly on the SEO ball.

It requires time and, above all, reading, reading, reading.

How Do You Recognise A Good SEO Copywriter?

A good SEO copywriter not only writes, but he also composes content with added value for the reader. He formulates content that appeals to your target group,

– is constantly developing in search engine optimization.
– he/ she not only creates texts, but his work also goes beyond the copywriter’s edge.
– has knowledge in technical SEO.
– points out that without preceding professional keyword research no promising SEO text can arise.

A good SEO text isn’t created from pennies.

Already from the preceding text, it is clear that there can’t be a good, professionally created SEO text for a few cents. Unfortunately, that’s what many think. The net is virtually flooded with search queries for copywriters, the payment for this service is hideous no less.

It is desired professional content, of course, but the payment for it amounts to only a few, one-digit cents per word, amazing. That can’t work. That pays off, neither for an agency nor for a freelancer. They all also have running costs, such as social security contributions, insurance, rent and etc which must also be included in the fee calculation.

What Can A Good, Professionally Created SEO Text Cost?

Here is a brief overview of the individual positions relevant to the price calculation.

Time spent on topic research, keyword research, time spent on copywriting.

Using the example of an SEO text for a company website with an average length of 700 – 1000 words, you can use the three points above. Time for that assignment would add up to about 3 to 4 working hours. The average copywriting fee starts at around $50/hr.

A copywriter with longer work experience may cost $70 – $80 per hour. So we get for the above text on a flat fee of $150 to $320 for a page of a corporate website and a price somewhere between 15 and 30 cents per word. I want to point out that those numbers are conservative.

Don’t Save On The Wrong End

The above example shows the discrepancy that currently dominates the SEO text market. And hopefully, it will be a suggestion for one or the other client to rethink his ideas about what a good SEO text can cost. Or just look at it from a different perspective. Let’s take the wardrobe.

For the purchase of a new cabinet, we would easily pay a few hundred or even a thousand dollars. With a good text, on the other hand, we hesitate. Why?


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The Cost Of Good SEO Text

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