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Too Much Weight To Carry Around

A Hero’s Tale

The backpack is a convenient thing. This morning, I’m drinking coffee that I brewed in a French Press, and I’m messing around with a few projects.

Some that are on track to launch, others are still in the creative phase.

I found myself thinking about how people like you and I tend to approach this work, and what might make us more successful. But there’s a problem!

The Backpack Is Full

For some people, today is a day just like any other. For others, it’s another heroes story.

The hero goes on a perilous journey, doing many good things, facing dangers, etc.

They succumb to the peril and die, only to rise again with new wisdom and capabilities.

Part of that death is a shedding of all the previous complications of the hero’s life until that moment.

And here’s how I tie that to business, and you.

The Backpack

Pretend all your work stuff could fit into a backpack. Everything you need to manage your tasks is in there.

But you’ve been adding projects, adding research, adding new software to check out, adding, adding, adding.

What happens is this,

  • We get bogged down
  • We ignore lots of what’s in the pack
  • We carry too much in the -just in case- or -what if- department
  • We use old templates based on our old capabilities in the pack
  • We think we can’t take on more because the pack is full

    Shake That Pack Empty!


    The Purge

    You need a reset. You need to dump everything out on the table and look it all over with no nostalgia.

    Shake off your stress for a minute, too. That’s your pack from the dead moment.

    Let Yourself Feel Light And Reset

    Now, what goes in the pack? What’s necessary,

  • A map; The map of where you are right now, your list of projects
  • Writing utensils; Pens to mark where to go, your intentions
  • A compass; A way to measure progress and success
    Tools for the right jobs, your skills and technology but remember to keep this light.

  • A mobile phone; Your connections to others
  • Food, learning material and community

    Too Much Weight To Carry Around


    That’s what goes in your shaken out backpack.

    Oh, wait. What did we leave behind? What didn’t go back in the pack?



  • Facebook; I deleted Facebook from my phone recently
  • And keep the tab off my browser except for later in the day.

  • Shoulds; You’re never going to read those PDFs in that folder
  • Delete them all.

  • Weak yeses; That stuff you should’ve said no to but didn’t
  • Go back and apologise and break off the project.

  • Keeping up; Staying up to speed with the industry is a waste of time
  • Be more successful. People will want to keep up with you.

  • Excuses; They take up a lot of room
  • Pretty light pack now, right? Look back at the list of what goes in your backpack.

    Today’s a great day to ponder rebirth.

    You Have The Rest Of The Year To Thrive

    Shake out that backpack and repack it with the essentials. I suspect it’ll serve you better. Deal???

    Big Should, Little Should, Stop Should

    The Backpack

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