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That Between Us

Yesterday Night

was so lovely; it was just wonderful
First came dinner, then came the night and then we came,
we both, together at the same time.

We were brave, but also careful and tender, infinitely tender.
It was beautiful, that between us.

I still have no words for it, for what was.

I just enjoyed it. I just enjoyed you.
Your eyes, your mouth, your tender hands, your skin.
I felt your breath on my skin, it felt unbelievably well.

That was just nice, that between us.

It did so good to know you, knowing you are lying next to me
holding my hand, to feel, you are lying next to me stroking my arm.

Without knowing what that was, that between us.

I have never experienced so much femininity, as with you last night.
I have never experienced such beautiful passion, as I did in your arms last night.

I’m glad that I was allowed to experience you, with skin and hair.

So gentle.
So careful.
So tender.
So beautiful.

So full of admiration and respect for you and your soul and your inner wounds.

I enjoyed that, that between us and I believe you too could give me something.
Thank you, that I was allowed to take you in my arms, that I was allowed to look into your eyes.
That I was allowed to be near you, so close, close as never before.
Thank you that you inspire me to these lines, let me have our night, remember and relive.
As much as I longed for it, I don’t want to forget this night, this night with you and that what was between us.

Whatever it was, it was a powerful tension, an incredibly nice tension
without flaws, it was just something special, that between us.

That Between Us

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