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Speak Without Words

The Mind met Love and said to it, Good that I meet you, I’ve thought about you many times, but without a satisfying result, so I’d like to ask you straight up, What’s your purpose?

Before Love could answer, the Mind added, but don’t tell me your purpose is to make people happy, I have seen too many times that you make them miserable.

My purpose is for people to grow and find themselves in me, to become those they can be through me, to awaken the best in them and bring them to fruition, and I give them happiness.

There is nothing constant in this world, and neither you nor I have the power to break the law of transience, answered Love.

I know, said the Mind, but I don’t understand why people, in general, are so afraid of you, even though you supposedly have so much good to give them, while they have full confidence in me.

That is because I lead people into the unknown while you go with them in ways that they know well, Love responded.

But you just said, the mind replied, that you help them find themselves.

Speak Without Words

I do too, said Love. Because the true self is unknown to most people, and you, my dear Mind, are not entirely innocent.

How so, asked the Mind astonished?

You make them build walls against me by telling them how dangerous I am and how big a pain and disappointment I can give them, you teach them to fear me, said Love.

And, am I not right? the Mind asked.

People are not hurting me, they are hurting each other. They are not disappointed with me, they disappoint each other, Love replied.

And the pain they suffer is not from me, but from not understanding my nature deeply enough, Love continued.

How could they possibly if you kept them from getting completely involved with me, it’s the only way they can really get to know me, hence themselves, the mind exclaimed.

This conversation makes no sense, said the Mind. We talk past each other.

Because you can’t speak without words, Love replied.

The Suffering Writer

Speak Without Words

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