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Big Should, Little Should, Stop Should

The Should-s Are Killing Us

Should I or shouldn’t I? I’ve had two conversations about should-s on the same day.

You know what those are? It’s that list of things you’re not doing that you think you should be doing.

The list of should-s I heard fell mostly into two categories.

Big should-s and little should-s. Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Big Should

That’s a list of systems or processes that you feel the need to build your business. Maybe it’s a better system for donor outreach in a non-profit. It could be a welcome sequence for your newsletter. All these things you want to have in place because you should.

But the Big Should-s can kill our momentum. We tend to picture them in their entirety. It can be too much, and there are so many pieces we either, never start or we take so long figuring everything out we lose ground

What’s The Answer? Should I Or Shouldn’t I

Rather than worry about developing a better system for donor outreach, pick up the phone and start with just saying thank-you to your top ten donors.

Rather than worry about an entire welcome sequence, start with a straightforward email that says Thanks for signing up for my newsletter.

Sometimes it’s the first actions that crack open ideas and create the momentum to keep going.

Little Should

This list of shoulds nitters away at us. It’s the one we all share. It’s full of things like eating better, exercising more, watching less, reading more, being a better partner, mother, son, daughter, student, boss, or employee.

The thing is, maybe every single item on the list is real. Perhaps we should indeed be better at all of the details.

The problem is that the list doesn’t always read like a set of aspirations. Instead, it shrouds us in the dark veil of I’m not good enough.

What’s The Answer? Should I Or Shouldn’t I

I’m pretty convinced the answer is in kindness. Simple acts of kindness towards ourselves, as well as others, cut through almost everything on that list and more.

Go ahead. Try it.

In fact, that’s what saying thank you for the donation and thank you for signing up are as well, acts of kindness.

The should-s are indeed killing us.

Let’s fight back with a simple act of kindness.

How Easy Are You To Decide

Should I Or Shouldn't I

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