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These 5 Steps Make Your Business Success Unavoidable

Setting Goals

Setting goals is not difficult. But honestly now, have you been setting goals for yourself that didn’t get you where you wanted to go? And how many times did you give up destinations on the way because suddenly they were not so important anymore?

To find success in the long run, you have to learn to set the right goals.

Without real goals, you’re getting lost. Either you’re hanging around in the shadows year after year and wondering why your business isn’t growing. Or your business takes on forms that make you unhappy.

Both are dangerous scenarios. Because in the end, it is your business! You can’t just change that like a job.

That’s why it’s so important that you build a business that you really want.

Can you answer what your business should look like in 5 years?
What exactly are you building up?
What do you want from your business?
Why is it important to you?
What enables you to move your business privately and professional?

You may be thinking, I can’t predict what my business will look like in 5 years. My market, my customers and technologies are changing.
That’s precisely the point. You’re not supposed to predict what might be. You need a strong desire, an image of how you would want it.
Then you can take substantial steps to get there.

Setting Goals That Make Your Vision Come True

You want to set goals from big to small. Your big, long-term goal, acts as a guide to every decision you make along the way. Your vision is so great that it just seems unfeasible. Even if your big goal seems unrealistic in today’s perspective, it has enough traction to move you.

Setting Goals

If you’re setting goals and don’t achieve them, you will still gain more than someone who has no goals.

Your short-term annual and quarterly goals, however, should be solid, but feasible, so you stay motivated in the long term.
With the following method, I am settting goals that make my business success predictable.

1. Figure Out Your Values

Your business has to match your values; otherwise you will not be happy for long. Instead of just chasing sales figures, first, think about what your business should look like, so it fits you.

A $500,000 turnover may not be your goal. You want to work only four days, so you have more time for your family. That’s ok too. Don’t be fooled by the marketing slogans out there that want to make you believe that anyone with passive income needs to crack the million dollar mark.

Consider what your business should look like to match your values. If you put freedom above everything and strive for the laptop lifestyle, an online business where you serve your customers exclusively online is the best choice.

But, one of your milestones should be to build a team. Because if you do it all by yourself, you may reach your goal at the expense of your freedom. You will spend all your time working.

If human interaction is your value, you may need one on one, personal coaching or counselling models, seminars, or events.

When achieving goals together is your value, perhaps a model that co-operates with others may fit in with you.

Your Values Determine What Your Business Looks Like

Values are the motives for which you act. Values express the absolute ultimate goal that you want to achieve. It’s the goal for which you do almost everything because it makes you feel good.

The most important situations, turning points and decisions in your life allow you to draw conclusions about the values you are acting on.

Setting Goals

For example, I quit my job even though I had no plan for what to do. The value or motive behind it was my strong urge for freedom. Many other situations in my life have this value as a motive.

Find 3 to 5 values to act on in your life. These are your guide-motives. If you set specific goals later, always ask yourself, does the goal fit my values?

Here are my values, growth, freedom, honesty, variety and learning.

Growth, that’s a no-brainer. We all should strive for growth, on a personal and business level.

Freedom, also a no-brainer. But here’s the thing, with a business of your own you have greater freedom which translates into your private life.

Honesty, I would like to call it a no-brainer as well, but let’s go with common sense. I run my business in a way that is transparent to my customers. My private life is running the same way.

Variety is important to me regarding creativity. The more variety I have, the better my creativity flows.

Learning, I have a desire to learn things that can help me become a better source for my customers.

Setting Goals

With every business decision, I ask myself, is the new goal, the project, the cooperation, the team member in line with my values?

2. Create A Picture For The Next 3 To 5 Years

Imagine what your business should look like in the next 3 to 5 years. Take a little journey into the future and let your inner eye develop what your business and life will look like. What do you see?

The more detailed you can imagine your future, the more specific you can plan and work on it.

Setting Goals

Athletes visualise what they will do beforehand. Race car drivers go through the track in their heads, again and again, every turn, every bump on the track. When they start, they make their practised vision a reality.

Plan 3 years into the future. That gives you enough room to set big goals, but it’s not so far away that you can’t imagine it.

3. Set A Focus Point For The Year

What your life should look like in 3 to 5 years, you have captured in the vision of the future. That’s the vision that shows you the way to your annual goal.
Look at it, which result makes the most significant difference in 12 months and brings you closer to your vision of the future. That’s your focus for the year.

Setting a focus allows you to prioritise

That will make your planning a lot easier. Besides, you are perceived focused from the outside, which helps you to get noticed in the rush.

Let’s say your focus is to publish a book. You work one year towards that book. Hence, you build a reputation as an expert on the topic of your book.

You publish content and guest blog on the topic. You build an email campaign with matching lead magnet. That’s focus. You won’t be anything but perceived as the expert on your subject.

Think about a great result that you want to achieve in the next 12 months, e.g. write a book, launch a course, start one on one coaching.

Setting Goals

Whether you’ve set the right focus point, you will know when,

It brings you closer to your future vision.
It creates a nervous discomfort because it’s out of your comfort zone and just barely reachable.
It’s so big that it can’t be reached in 6 months.
It opens the way to other great things when you have achieved it.
The thought of having achieved it makes you itch because you are really up for it.

4. Plan Concrete Waypoints

After you know the focus for the year, find out the nitty-gritty.
What do you have to do to achieve that goal?
What must your life and environment look like so that you can pursue that goal?
Suppose your goal is to publish a book. Some of your milestones are,

Publish content on the topic.

Guest blog on the subject.

Land press reports.

Build an email list.

Then you will make a name for yourself as an expert, so you get the book sold. And you’re going to have to build an audience, an e-mailing list so that publishers see you as a credible expert.

What must your life look like to reach your focus point?
Suppose you want to write a book and publish. Then you will need more time.

Setting Goals

How do you get more time?
Will you be able to look only after fewer customers?
Do you need other offers so that you get the time? Do you have to sacrifice something to reach the goal?

Which milestones result from this?

5. Plan In 90 Day Blocks

Now you break down your milestones into actual tasks. These are 90-day goals for every task that brings business closer to the big goal.

Let’s take the milestone goal of building an email list. Three concrete steps for the next 90 days could be

Design and promote one themed lead magnet, a freebie.

One themed blog post a week.

Land 3 guest articles in big blogs linking to your lead magnet.

Your 90-day goals should be easily feasible. These are actual tasks that will help you get closer to your milestones, your focus for the year and your vision of the future.

Setting Goals

If you have a team, and if it’s just an assistant, give a 90-days goal to each team member. Goals motivate and give you a foundation to measure the work of your team.

Set The Right Goals And Success Will Happen

There you go. I set my goals for the distant future and the goals for my year. That way, I have already implemented many of my dreams and hope you will too. You see, if you’re setting goals, the right goals, for your business, success comes naturally.
What focus point have you set for the year! Let me know 🙂


Goals, Targets And Getting There

Setting Goals

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