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Read, Comment, Share, Scroll and Scroll And Keep It Up

Read, Comment, Share, Scroll and Scroll And Keep It Up

There’s a problem for all of us! We’re just looking to get seen, to make business happen. We are all trying to somehow fit into this digital usual.

It’s so easy to miss this because we did learn that social networking is the key to it all. We have got to be active. We have got to read, comment, and share, right? Scroll. Scroll. Keep it up.

Learn To Write Better

When you are on social media, do you feel the envy? You see three friends in Phnom Penh hanging out at a rooftop pool, and you think, Why wasn’t I invited?

Your other friend just bought his dream house, and you wonder, Why am I living here? You follow business people that crushing it and killing it and hustling it, or whatever they all say, and you think, I don’t have enough clients. What’s wrong with me?

Look At All These Other People

The same tools that allow us to share whatever we want from our lives and business are driving us a bit crazy. Look at Psychology Today, at Forbes, at the Daily Mail.

Social networks aren’t any eviler than cake is evil. It’s us! We gorge. We binge. Netflix, anyone? That’s why we can’t have nice things.

It’s our fault. We scroll and scroll and scroll and drown in envy. And then we keep going. We see a little (5) in the tab for Facebook, and we wonder what else just happened. Maybe something new will come along. Oh!

What’s the Big Deal?

The problem is that nothing we’ll read on Facebook or any social network will make our lives better. We eat time. We build frustration and envy and anxiety. That drains our energy, lowers our power, takes fuel out of our mental tanks.

So What Should We Do?

It’s, only, when we create and produce and build our very own stuff that we’ll feel accomplished and productive and satisfied.

And to get there, we can’t be feeding ourselves a steady drip of misery and envy and anxiety. That’s not the right fuel for your journey.

Fuel Up

Choose the right fuel, find motivational sources and consume that. Make a playlist of truly inspiring material that will push your buttons in the right way.

Think about this once more; you’re leaving it all up to chance if you just scroll through Facebook. Why subject yourself to that?

Make your inspirational playlist of sorts. Grab some TED talks, some blog posts, some notes and snips that inspire you to do what needs doing.


But don’t stop there. Spending your day looking for fuel is like filling up the convertible car and sticking it in the garage. It’s only worth it if you burn that fuel on the open roads of life.

And by this, I mean make something. Do what you do. Sell. Deliver. Create and share. Reach out and connect. Ask someone for the sale. Knock on a few doors and say, Hey, this is something I feel will help your business thrive.

And then share on Facebook! 😉 Just like that.

Let me know what you think. The little box at the bottom is for that exact purpose. I’m happy to read and respond to your comments.

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Read, Comment, Share, And Keep It Up

Keep It Up, Read, Comment, And Share

3 Comments to “Read, Comment, Share, Scroll and Scroll And Keep It Up”

  1. Dinh says:

    Yep, create and share!
    I like your thoughts on this. Making connections are the way to go 🙂

    • Danyel says:

      The better the interactions with your audience is the better your chances of stanbding out in the world wide web.

      Thanks for your comment here.

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