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Our Attention Is Waning

Your Goal Is To Find The Angle

Our attention is waning. Point One! I saw a study that says people are seeking entertainment more than learning/information these days. We’d rather watch Game of Thrones than find out why black holes exist.

Two! Everyone and their brother says they’re too busy. Everyone feels too busy all the time. Constantly. Harried. Stressed.

And point three! No one is reading these days (US Dept of labour & stats study says). You’re the exception.

More. Target says it’s going to streamline their sales efforts because people are experiencing sales fatigue. You can download an app that forces your mobile to disconnect from the network. Another study says that I already lost the attention of 63% of you by this point.

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Our Attention Is Waning

Apple predicted some of this three years ago. They said the new desktop is the notifications on your phone.

Just like that!

You get that much real estate before you earn or lose someone’s attention. We’re going to lose everyone’s attention if we stick to what worked even a year ago.

I have two thoughts about what will keep people’s attention.

Beneficial information that people identify as valuable.
Reasonably entertaining media content where people feel they identify with you in some way.
You can do either. Better to do both. I think this is the only way we’re going to keep the story going.

But holy cow that’s tricky.

Let’s say you sell fences. How do you keep people’s attention and market to them? What does that even look like? I don’t care how funny Joe is; who’s going to watch the “Boy I Sure Love Fences” show?

Find The Angle

Red Bull doesn’t have a show and magazine about their drink. They cover action sports, especially ones that rarely get much attention from mainstream media.

Microsoft’s podcast is about the future. They hired Gimlet, so it’s all kinds of public-radio-sounding-good.

Ikea gets creative with their products all the time. Here’s how they responded when they found out the people on Game of Thrones wear their faux-fur rugs as capes.

Our Attention Is Waning
Your goal is to find the angle

A fence show isn’t the angle. Contractor Power Hour is the angle.

Oddly, this is almost the 1950s all over again. Sponsored shows were evident and straightforward. The difference these days is that the pairings have to make sense. There has to be a value of some kind attached to why you’ll seek to entertain and inform people in the ways you choose.

The Formula

Here’s your super simple, but not easy:

A strong focus on the people you serve +
Stories that demonstrate value and that entertain +
Values that match your buyer=

The angle has always been there. It’s what sells conferences. It’s why you buy books. It’s part of identity. That’s is a somewhat new approach to a timeless need. We only thought we could sell without it.

You can drive traffic to a landing page all day til the cows come home. You don’t earn qualified and valuable repeat people to serve until you earn the right to sell and serve.

The Angle-Finding

Here are the questions you have to fill out for you,

Let’s go back to Joe’s fence company.

The people I serve all want to sell more contracting projects, which means they also like learning more about growing their contracting business, and I can see them going online to look for more stuff about money-making projects to sell to homeowners.

The Contractor Power Hour Is Born

Your Turn!

Do the work. Find your angle. Attention is sleeping. Even my ability to reach you has slipped immensely. I’m working on my angle. Promise.

We Want The Bite, Not The Meal

Our Attention Is Waning

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