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Why It’s Wise To Be Optimistic

Optimism Vs Pessimism

Making great decisions. An eternal fight is raging! The optimists against the pessimists. On the one hand, the supposedly blue-eyed, on the other hand, the self-styled realists.

The realists stack their expectations low. They are rarely disappointed by their own logic. And all the more surprised when something positive happens.

But luckily it’s not that easy.

Optimism And Dangers

Optimism shouldn’t be confused with overconfidence.

Let’s think of people who take high risks and believe in false security.

Sometimes and regrettably, these people are taught otherwise.

Optimism is different from the inflated ego, from folly.

But even if someone is too optimistic, this usually has no negative consequences for them.

However, an effect of this attitude is undisputed.

With an optimistic attitude, we increase our chances of satisfaction and success. Hence, making great decisions.


It’s Quite Simply Because We Believe In It

And it’s not just a saying that faith moves mountains.

There is no need for spiritual concepts to explain that.

An optimistic attitude leads to an open, communicative body language.

Others respond to this, and we are more likely to face challenges.

That doesn’t mean we can do what we set out to do.

An optimistic view with a can-do attitude, it motivates to learn new things.

Naivety And Optimism

The difference between a naive and an optimistic person is that the naive walk blindly through the world.

The optimist looks at things with an alert mind and clear eye and then integrates all with a positive attitude.

So the optimist goes a significant step further than the naive. He goes the next step of realisation.

The Optimist Recognises The Negative But Isn’t Controlled By It

Instead, he deals actively with the negative and at the same time preserves his positive attitude like a treasure.

A fascinating difference between optimists and pessimists is generalisation.

Pessimists often transfer setbacks and failures to other areas of their lives, generalising them.

Optimists can see a failed endeavour as such, as a single event.

Interestingly, pessimists regard positive events reversed as an exception.

I was lucky, or That was just coincidence are phrases that are quite common among pessimists.

Making Great Decisions

But optimism and pessimism can’t be juxtaposed.

Optimism Helps Us Understand The Meaning Of Life

The opposite of optimism is not just pessimism. The opposite of optimism is also and perhaps primarily cynicism.

WriterSoul is in favour of optimism in the sense of trust and continues to write helpful articles.

Together with you I want to set in motion a cultural revolution of optimistic realism.

A revolution based on the close cooperation of the belief that there is enough to live for, for all people on this earth.

If, of course, it is justly distributed, and not on a permanent competitive mindset, which always assumes that you can’t get enough.

It is therefore about great, open thinking, which counteracts the selfish thoughts of having.

Healthy Optimism

A healthy optimism has nothing to do with naivety or whitewashing.

On the contrary, an optimist acts wisely because he understands that a situation can’t be generalised and that he can’t progress in life when he sees bleak.

Optimism Is More Than Just A View Of The World

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, self-protection and source of power. No one is optimistic around the clock.

Hard times and twists of fate are, in purely objective terms, awkward phases in life that challenge even the most optimistic person.

Nevertheless, it’s always worthwhile to find the way back to this positive attitude. Here is some help to brighten the outlook on life and useful Skills For Making Great Decisions.

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Making Great Decisions

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