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Learning From Cats

A Few Thoughts On The Fur Noses

The cat has long outstripped the dog in the statistics of the most sought-after pet. And their numbers as family member continues to grow rapidly. Maybe because we admire them for many of their qualities, at least some of them we would like to live ourselves? At my discretion, I have picked out a few things and dare to make a comparison.

What is peoples most popular pet? The cat. More than 85 million cats live in US households today, and their numbers are growing briskly. The dog follows in second place with about 78 million, even if he lives more often than the cat in individual housing and therefore may still dominate the majority of households.

Cats Are Neither Angels Nor Saints. There are bullying, intimidation, violence and other unpleasant phenomena among cats. The weak are picked out, new cats are not tolerated, boredom can end in aggression. I have gotten myself a cat from a multi-cat household, which was regularly bullied and repeatedly assaulted by other cats. For a long time, she was struggling with nightmares and anxiety attacks.

However, some of the etiquette and behaviour might perhaps inspire us and teach us that cats could lay a finger on human wounds. Maybe that’s also why cats have sneaked into our hearts? Because we admire and adore it for that, and for what it is?

Learning From Cats

The Free Spirit

I Am A Free Cat. Dogs and livestock were tamed by humans and domesticated for specific purposes. The cat joined us on its own to benefit from our mouse-afflicted granaries. A relationship at eye level and win-win basis. Cats even developed their own gene for being tame.

I Am Here Voluntarily. Even today cats have their own head. If they no longer like their owners and if they can, they feed on other can openers or change the home altogether. And we admire her for her free spirit.

The Independent

I Don’t Submit Myself. Dogs want to please the alpha animal and pack leader, people can take advantage of this and abuse. Although there is a social order with cats as well, in us humans they tend to see the mommy cat that can be wrapped around their fingers, they can’t be trained and subjugated.

I Can’t Be Forced. You can’t force cats to do something they don’t want to do, don’t press them. They are more likely to respond with behavioural issues and problems than to submit and hurt themselves.

Learning From Cats

The Nature-Child

I Am Okay. There are shy, anxious and demanding, dominant cats. Cats with little self-confidence or too much self-confidence. But there is no cat with, what people often think, a bad sense of self-esteem.

I’m Not Evil. Cats don’t know guilt or shame either. It is true that they can be taught within a specific framework what they are allowed and what they aren’t allowed to do. But they will never think they are evil and might get complexes about it.

The Dignified

I Will Not Be Punished. Cats learn little to nothing from punishment. That only ruins the human-cat relationship. They are all the more receptive to praise, reward and positive reinforcement. A method of education that would do us good.

I Don’t Take Any S***. Cats display crystal clear when something is not right for them, and they are suffering from a situation. They don’t make good face to bad game. Again interpreted by humans as behavioural problems, these are distress signals that should be read.

Learning From Cats

The Self-Caring

I Heal Myself. Cats have a built-in medicine chest. With their purring, they not only do us good, but they also soothe and heal themselves. For us humans, these self-healing powers are unfortunately often buried or don’t come to fruition.

I Upkeep Appearance. The cat wash is much more than just the proverbial fleeting care. Cats clean and wash every day for several hours, are very clean animals. True to the slogan, a healthy mind only in a clean, well-groomed body.

I Take Care Of Myself. Cats are usually good to themselves. They go where they feel good and pay attention to what is good for them. It also requires a good sense of self-awareness, to explore what’s right for them. They usually don’t harm themselves. If they do, it is again a sign that they are suffering from something.

The Demanding

I Am A Connoisseur. Cats obviously enjoy being combed, brushed, cuddled and massaged. What we human beings first had to invent with wellness, cats have been dedicated to them for millennia and pamper each other. Inspiring!

I Am Demanding. When cats can, they are also demanding. It’s the place that has the right temperature, the food is chosen that tastes the way they like it, and that gives them what they need, as varied as possible. If that is not self-awareness and self-care again in its purest form.

I Look After My Needs. Cats are also very resourceful when it comes to being able to register their needs with others. For example, the otherwise more physically communicative people have developed their own spoken language for us two-legged friends, from the irresistible toddler munching to the nocturnal screaming terror.

Learning From Cats

The Serene

I Need Silence. Cats are a symbol of peace and serenity. Seeing a cat makes us humans a bit more relaxed. Cats can’t stand stress, rush, noise, quarrels or other atmospheric disturbances. In it, the sensitive animals can be a role model in our increasingly hectic world, given the high potential for aggression and violence of us humans.

I Need Rest. While we humans often sleep less and less since the invention of artificial light and the advent of the industrial age, with corresponding consequences, cats are real sleepyheads. Depending on the source, cats sleep and rest 12 to 20 hours a day, kittens and seniors even more.

I’m Not Rushing. Cats don’t know any requirements and performance stress. For example, no cat would want to give 150%, although 100% would suffice or less. Such a maxim, as I once saw on the website of a veterinarian, is unfortunately rather a typical human. A cat fetches or hunts what it needs, and that’s it.

Learning From Cats

As I mentioned, cats are not angels. And of course, the kitten can’t be transferred 1: 1 to us humans and our world. But cats hold us a mirror. A mirror that reflects maybe it could be different. And it might be good for us to learn from this mirror from time to time. If you like, compare yourself once, with cats or other pets.

A Return To Peace

Learning From Cats

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