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The Next Big Thing

It’s Crazy

Learn, imagine, interact. There’s a reason it’s hard to see the next big thing. Most of us can only ever perceive the world as it is right now.

Henry Ford famously said that if he asked people what they wanted, they’d have said faster horses.

Remember life before phones were stuck in our hands almost 24/7?

Remember life before scrolling and swiping endlessly?

Probably. But could you have predicted any of this? No. Neither can most people. Me least of all.

But when it happens, when something huge happens. When you start hearing people, you trust shouting about a massive shift.

It’s time to dig in a little bit

The Next Big Thing

First, I’m telling you right now that the next big thing is blockchain. Not bitcoin which is an app that runs on blockchain. But the possibilities inherent in blockchain. You might not have to work directly with blockchain at a code level or anything BUT.

It will change real estate
It will transform healthcare
It will change insurance
It will shift food safety
It will improve logistics, like shipping
It will change data rights like keeping places like Facebook from selling your data or at least getting you a cut of the money
It will change advertising and marketing

As I said, you might not directly work with it, and you might not have to learn to code or anything. But this will impact you.

It will change things. Jobs will shift. A ton of jobs. There will be massive rearrangements just like Netflix vs Blockbuster, Amazon vs The World, and so on.

Learn, Imagine, Interact

First, it’s okay to be baffled. Second, it’s okay to feel like you want to run away and hide. Third, don’t worry that you don’t know much about it. No one does. Not yet!!!

And now that you’ve done all that?

Learn, Imagine, Interact


I direct you to a free resource, so there’s a start. And there are all kinds of options, books, videos, audio, blog posts, etc.


Start asking yourself questions. If there are fewer record keepers, what will those displaced people need?

Can I help in any way? If the big guys are rushing to sign up for these blockchain services, is there a way I can slot into the system too?

The answer, yes!!!!


Everyone’s in the same boat when a next big thing comes along. It’s okay to ask stupid questions.

What makes everything work better in these moments is clumping together with others and figuring stuff out with other people.

That’s what to do. And not just for blockchain. For everything. For life. For thriving. For moving to next levels instead of playing the old game.

That’s our role, yours, mine, all of us. Okay?

From Here To There

Learn, Imagine, Interact

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