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Language, Writing, Connecting or How It’s All Interconnected

The Notification Is The Story

Today was a busy day. A typical Monday. Tomorrow is going to be no different; a hectic day is ahead. That’s not only how I see the reality of my daily life.

Things have changed. People perceive themselves to be busier than ever before. Perception is a reality, it seems. It means that you have even less time to attract someone’s attention and earn their next action.

My little proverb for this is “The Notification Is The Story.” On your smartphone, right now. You might not have noticed this yet. But you spend more time on the lock screen notifications than ever before. The same applies to your inbox. The subject line is the story.

The Notification Is The Story

But Are You Writing Like That?

Are you writing as if people are no longer giving you as much of their attention? Are you writing in a way that drives people to make choices? And are you keeping their attention once you have it?

And by writing, I mean everywhere.



-Letters to the boss

-Text messages

-Book writing

How effective are your writing efforts? Is it getting you what you need? If not, I can help.

Write As Your Life Depends On It

Communication is a cornerstone of all our businesses. It used to be okay to let the ads do their job and wait for the customers to wander into your world. But that’s not how things work any longer.

And if you’re an online business like a blogger or a web designer or something, having a lovely site no longer cuts it. You’re not getting enough traffic. And when you do, it’s not converting. Why? Language. Writing. Connecting. The word is “interconnected.”

Your life, yes indeed, depend on writing better.

Today’s business world demands better writing!

Here’s what’s happening in the now. It’s a lot, but I’ll walk through it.

The notification is the story. That’s in thew now.

Word choice, swap out your soggy words for fire and honey. In the now.

Pick a side or die, if you fence-sit and write safe, you’re as sexy as a Band-Aid. That’s in the now.

Proverbs focus cliches if you’re not sure the difference, pack it in now. And that is in the now.

Language, there’s a right time to write something familiar. That’s in the now as well.

I'm Here To Help

Language, Writing, Connecting, It Does Interconnect

See here; it’s the future. You can’t avoid what’s coming. Simple as that. You don’t have to agree with me, but the longer you wait to get going on this the better your chances to fail. I know it’s scary, and I’m with you all the way.

I Promise You This!

I have looked at a lot of your sites and peeked at some of your tweets and social networking efforts. I know that I can help you improve. I know what’s not working. And I know that there’s hope.

Write me a note, drop it in the box below. I do my best to get back to you as fast as possible.

Learn To Write Better




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