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Know Your Relationships

It’s Always About The Relationship

Know your relationships. I’ve been thinking about relationships a lot in the past few days. I won’t get into all the reasons why. I’m wondering though if my mind is failing me because I can’t think of anything more critical to success than building relationships.

At least once a day my partner says to me, Hey hun, have you heard this song? Sometimes she replaces listened to this song with watched this video or read this article.

I do the same with her, though I don’t call her hun

It doesn’t matter what it is. And we don’t always like the same things. What matters is that she and I are always on the lookout for things we think the other would enjoy and make it a point to share them. These are our connection points. Each one deepens our relationship.

Of course, it would be easy to say the relationship I have with my partner is what I am supposed to focus on building. After all, we are a couple. And you’d be right. But why stop there?

Our business relationships may not be rooted in the love between a man and a woman, but I still want to get to know you. I love getting replies and hearing about what you’re working on. Every communication we have helps us connect.

Know Your Relationships

And while I’ll admit I don’t do it as often as I should, when I read an article about a particular topic I know you’re interested in, I try to forward it.

Last week I learned about a cool project Brian Grossman is working on. I learned that he’s crafting Mission furniture using tools he inherited from his great-grandfather.

Know Your Relationships

One of his projects was a reproduction of a Mission side table his great-grandfather made for his great-grandmother.

Even though I never met the man, he’s taught me a lot by reproducing his original work.

If I come across something interesting about Mission furniture, or woodcraft, or family legacy business stories even when they skip generations, I’m going to think of Brian and hopefully share helpful things with him.

I have no idea if Brian will ever sign up for my newsletter, but I love that I know this about Brian. Who knows, I may want a new side table.

Most people who have followed me know that I love to write. They also might know that I love books, have a kid, but no fiance.

I also drive a Chevy and drink a lot of coffee

All of these are opportunities to connect, even if your interests aren’t the same. They are opportunities to say; I was thinking about you and deepen our relationship.

And look, I get that we all have a business and at some point, that means selling. But let’s focus on the relationships first, shall we? I think it makes everything that comes after a lot easier and far more interesting.

Tell me what I should know about you.

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Know Your Relationships

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