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Learn To Write Better | Improve Your Writing Style

Say With Usual Words Unusual Things

Learn to write better.The easier you express yourself, the easier it is for others to read your texts, and the better the chances they will come back to read more.

Always keep in mind, paper is only a carrier, a medium for your words. Language is typically directed from one’s mouth directly to one’s ears. And that’s exactly how to formulate text, hence write better.

Write the way you speak; it’s as simple as that.

When you learn to write better you can choose between a longer and a shorter word, you’ll always want to go for the shorter word.

Long words are less readable and terrifying; they signal more reading work.

Find The Right Words

Say problem instead of problematic.

Problem area, problem field, problem zone or problem complex. Just by looking at those words you can see that they all express the same idea. Such words are what we consider -filters, and by no means are they what’s considered better writing.

One- and Two-syllable words, on the other hand, act as amplifiers.

First rule when you learn to write better:

One- and Two-syllable words are amplifiers,

Three-Syllable words are acceptable,

Four and multi-syllable words are a verbal filter.

Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.
Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words when short are best of all.

“Winston Churchill”

If you can not do without a multi-syllable word, subdivide it with a hyphen. That applies to rare words from four syllables onwards.

Foreign Language Correspondence Course is, for example, more readable as Foreign-Language-Correspondence-Course.

Learn To Write Better

Two-Thirds Active Vocabulary, One-Third Passive

Your active vocabulary consists of the words which you use when you express yourself verbally or in writing. Your passive vocabulary includes those words you do not use but understand.
Those are words you once heard and perhaps briefly learned about somewhere.

Words from the active vocabulary have an advantage, which at the same time is their disadvantage. They are in general understandable, thus often too worn out to be able to work on their own, still.

Use, therefore, when formulating, about two-thirds of the words from the active vocabulary and colourize your sentences with the better artistic expressions from the passive vocabulary.

You shouldn’t be too far away from the average English.
Avoid every word that is rarely in use.
Life is complicated enough, don’t make it more difficult with
complex words.

One of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary, looking for long words because you’re maybe a little bit ashamed of your short ones.

“Stephen King”

That’s like having a monkey dressed in lingerie. It’s very far from write better text, and probably is going to scare your audience.

Serving All Our Senses

What happens, we understand best, when we are at a location, and we use all our senses. Texts should be as original as possible.

Write with the senses and for the senses. People can and want to hear, smell, feel, taste and above all, see! Now print Word Director
on the back of your office chair and invite your readers to your word cinema

Learn To Write Better

Paint Pictures

Use words that trigger an image. Representational notions with which your readers view and therefore remain in their memory. For example, Drink, Buy, Sky, Night.

Or go one step further and take advantage pictorial comparisons as in, “We are hesitant to enter…” Your turn!

Avoid Superficial Words

The more abstract the word is, the farther away from the real life it is. An abstract word is incomprehensible. Hence unsuitable for fast and efficient communication.

Allow your readers to take part with all their senses, not only with their eyes. The opportunity comes along more often than you would think.

Avoid Substantive Verbs

For example “adjustment” and “development”.

If you accumulate such sham nouns, your text will turn into a tough, unappetizing mush.

Instead of writing “An adjustment of the price is inevitable.”

We usually write “We need to adjust the price.” Do not allow all your verbs being swallowed by substantives.

How about this?

After excavation of a pit, the chance for the originator to fall into it moved in the area of possibility.

It is usually called and more beautifully, Whoever digs a pit falls in himself. Substantive verbs can well be pits. Digging a hole for the readers in which they fall, hence stop reading.

There is no objection to the irregular substantiated verbs; it’s user habit.

Learn To Write Better

Red Cheeks Instead Of Pale White

Distrust words, yes, absolutely don’t trust them.

They are often professorial; If you are blowing on them, you stir up dust.

For example, what images are generated in your head when you hear the following words:

Definition, complexity, party acceptance, relationship, sector, scope?

At first, nothing appears to me, then a white-filled glass roof, which invites me, to wash away the drought.

After the glass roof appearance, the situation is clear.
There should be no excessive use of abstract terms. But they are often appropriate, sophisticated space savings which do good to the text.

Build Momentum With Details

Details create binding relationships and stimulate the imagination.

I am, for example, writing in one of my blog posts of
longtime experience, but became concrete when I wrote instead that I offer the experience from over 1000 projects.

In this example, as is with all writing, there is no right or wrong, only legible or illegible. Hence there are no valid rules, only hints that in individual cases must be checked for their suitability.

Sometimes you reach your destination only when you deliberately transgress rules. Because with that you irritate the audience and thus get them to continue reading.

A Note On The Implementation To Write Better

When formulating text, I often close my eyes and dive into the scenes before my mind’s eye. Then I do not write literally, but just like screenwriting, what is on the inside. This presupposes, however, that homework is done and thoroughly researched. Otherwise, I see only emptiness.

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Learn To Write Better

With A Good Expression, You Can Make A Great Impression


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