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I Love To Love You And The Things You Do

I Love To Love You, And The Things You Do

I’m a fan of people, especially those who can make words into magical things that twist my thoughts and change my chemicals. I love people who are working on finding their voice in one form or another. I love seeing what you’re doing that I’m not, and getting a glimpse into your world.

A Glimpse Into Your World

Probably ten billion other people and I following Amy Schmittauer’s #SSSVEDA project, where people shoot a vlog post every day in August. It’s interesting looking at people’s submissions. I’ve been surfing the hashtag on YouTube and watching people’s videos and commenting and liking them.

Some of these people have zero subscribers or maybe two subscribers. Some of these videos have no views. And I love being able to give them a look and a like, to show them that there’s not utter silence.

Just throwing it out there; it took me three years to get my first 50 subscribers to my blog. I know what it’s like to feel you’re shouting into the void. I still feel that way sometimes.

But I share what I share not for volume. I share it for the love of people.

Learn To Write Better

Be That Voice

For some people, maybe you, I’m a voice you’ve come to appreciate. You show up on my blog okay, some of you don’t catch up till midweek, but you get it. I share. It’s our thing.

But you’ve got to realise that you are that voice for others. And it’s important that you share what you know and what you do.

I’ve asked someone to shoot a video of the hay baling operations. Why? I’ve never seen how hay baling operations, that’s why. He said maybe he’d start by blogging and work his way up to it. I’ll wait.

I love T.J for all his quick wit and jokes and brilliance. He’s done so much in his life and still has lots of ideas for the future of his making.

I peek over your shoulders all the time. I look at your posts here and there, your tweets. Not everything. That’d be crazy. But you know, little tastes.

Little Tastes Of Your Work

But you have to keep making those things. You have to stay visible. You have to be out there for me to see. For others to see. To reach those you hope to help.

You’re Only Boring If You’re Copying

Stop worrying about whether you have something to say. You do. You just don’t know it because maybe you’re still trying to emulate someone else’s thing.

We all copy in the beginning. The goal is to do enough of whatever we’re doing to find our real voice hiding in there. I can help. The only way that comes out is by sharing what’s us and by doing it often enough that we get comfortable doing it.

Try Lots of Methods

Maybe typing’s not your thing. I have lots of ways to do what I do beyond this blog post:

And blah blah blah

My point is that maybe something isn’t fitting right. Maybe you’re a better talker than a typer. Maybe you want to start in audio. Whatever. The big and important point? Start. Dammit!

Someone Is Waiting To Hear From You

Sandra on your farm with all your cute pigs? A lot of shy people who cry at the drop of a hat want to know how you got so successful that you rock massive stages. Share that more.

Carl, please keep telling all the tales of the Moon and beyond. Do you realise that some people have yet to even hear of your beautiful stories?

And every time you find someone out there sharing their voice, take a minute and give a like, a comment, a share. Spread it around. Get more people to see what they’re doing.

Because even as people need to hear from you, a lot of people out there feel a bit alone when they’re sharing some great stuff. And they could benefit from knowing they reached a few people today.

And that doesn’t take you a whole lot of time to do, right? So share the love. Be a fan like me and comment on some people’s hard work.

Be A Fan

And then create your own. Okay? For me?

Let me have your thoughts, drop them in the box below, and I’m happy to read and respond to them.

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I Love To Love You And The Things You Do

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