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You Have To Show Them How You Align

Show Them How You Align

It’s about how you align. Years ago, I met the accounting manager of Panasonic, in Bangkok. He was talking to a room full of video maker types. He gave us his time because he knew that we could impact sales of his product by recommending it to the people we served.

Disney and Microsoft and Google and Napa Auto Parts and Humana Health Care and plenty of other companies do that too to answer that very same question.

Why? And how does this relate to you?

You Have to Show Them How You Align

The -them- in this story are your buyers. No matter what we sell, there’s a preference being signalled. We are all little tribal creatures out roaming around making our decisions.

I’m a Mac guy vs I buy whatever’s cheap.
In and Out vs Five Guys.
JetBlue vs Delta

Pick One Brand Over Another

In a lot of cases, there aren’t a lot of reasons why to pick a particular brand over another until you make one.

Is one coffee mug better than another? I swear no, a protesting look on my face. But there is When you go to their site, the story is around working people. Regular people. You’re not a hipster. You want something rugged, enduring, and that works.

Does my worldview and I mean that in comprehensive ways line up with the product you’re selling?

Advertising only gets you so far. It’s air support. It’s necessary for most business types. If prospective buyers don’t know that your business exists, they can’t buy from you. But for as many times as you say buy our burgers, eventually, you’ll mentally tune it out.


But if you love burgers, and you follow #burger on Instagram, you can stare at yummy food porn and read just a few posts and know whether your intentions align with theirs.

Alignment comes from telling a story that your buyers can appreciate. And when I say tell a story, I mean the real stories of your business.

Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head LOVES making craft beer. And the word work for him should be sparkly and underlined and should mean more than when someone else says it.

That is an act of communication. Not just pushing. But trying to reach and connect.

That’s why it’s important to reach people where they are.

What Is This Alignment Thing?

By this, I mean that not only am I telling you that you have to create non-advertising content that reaches people, but you have to have to consider the establishment of it on more than one digital platform.

Gasp. Sigh. All the TIME it will TAKE!

But it’s necessary. Here’s a quickie of what I’ve noticed,

When I tweet more consistently, I get more traffic.
My Facebook is earning me more attention.
Stumbleupon brings consistent traffic.
That sounds like so much work, right? And it’s not easy.

But that is how I earn my customers. They find me somewhere, see the stories I tell, find a sense of alignment with some part of my story, and they buy.

That’s It

That is how dentists can win.
That is how not for profits earn attention.
That is how apparel brands become speakers and change even more lives.
That is how a physical therapy shop becomes a boutique sports medicine powerhouse.
That is how a nutritionist can show you how to eat more plants.

And this is how you can improve your business, too.

Show them how you align. I can help.

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How You Align

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