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If you run a blog or maintain any online presence, it’s conceivable that at one point you are looking to generate more traffic to the articles and promotions on your site. Maybe you are in need of a sales letter, product review or a general description of goods and services on your site. Perhaps it’s a ghostwriter you are looking for to fill the need of an e-book. Get in touch. Contact me today!



My Name Is Danyel And I’m Here To Help

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My name is Danyel and I’m here to help. If you run a blog or maintain any type of online presence, it’s conceivable that, at one point, you are looking to generate more traffic. Are you trying to attract the right audience to the articles and promotions on your site? Do you need a sales letter? A product review? A general description of goods and services on your website? If you say yes to any of the above, you may need a writer.

Have a look at my work.

My name is Danyel and I’m here to help! Get in touch, contact me today. Please continue reading, below, about me.

My Name Is Danyel

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My Name Is Danyel

I am mad about the written word, that’s a fact. Now here is something a little different, a short but precise picture of me.

Take it with a grain of salt 🙂

I couldn’t draw a stick figure, and my smile has been known to make children flee for their mother’s skirts. I find the uninteresting just as exciting as the interesting. And when I think of the Minions I must laugh out loud!

I am self-employed and ever since I feel very well, although I sometimes feel fear. Makes me human, I know 😉

I love a pretty girl for the last 20 years; maybe someday I dare to tell her.

I am proud of my one and only son. Almost four years ago, I self-evicted me. Because I was too introvert, I would not love humankind. I did not express a natural cheerfulness, and none of the people I know would ever come to see me. I’m drifting away 🙂

I find a lot of things interesting and would like to take any course on just about anything. I love Owls. Last week, I bought myself a sinfully expensive pair of shoes, although I have no money. To this day I have no regrets.

Selfish Wishes

If I had two-selfish-wishes, I would want a beautiful singing voice and a full head of hair. I found that somehow to be more difficult. I exercise once a day for one hour. If I can not sleep, I get up and make breakfast. That may well be at three a.m.

My intuition is unbeatable and is getting better, day by day. The best ideas hit me when I’m running. The best way to relax is by cooking and eating pasta. I don’t believe in love at first sight. My favourite movie is “When in Rome,” I can relate to the story.

I don’t like to borrow. I have a list of 100 things I’ll do in this life. I love myself. My list of 100 things is now 99 things.

I could do many different jobs, whether I’m in a garden centre, a bookstore or pasture, people seem to think that I’m in charge.

I love animals and plants. Reading books, writing poetry and drinking coffee. Depending on my mood, perhaps in different order. I like to work at home. Although sometimes human interaction is missing.

I once apologised to my fridge when I accidentally kicked it and thanked the paper basket after I had painted a circle to the flipchart. My computer sighs in relief whenever I turn it off.

Mountains, Things, And Pocket Lint

The mountains aren’t as tall as I thought. But I know a thing about writing. And Pocket-lint is exciting.

I stand out as a creative writing accelerator. Innovative ideas, imagination and empathy, are things I bring to the table.

I am dynamic, driven, with a quick perception of a subject, implementation orientated, quality conscious and pragmatic. I’ve got humour, wit and a positive attitude towards life.

And this, in a nutshell, is me. As you can see I am just a man with hopes and fears, wants and needs, like any other human.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction.

My name is Danyel and I’m here to help.

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