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Goals, Targets, And Getting There

Goals, Targets, And Getting There

We all made the all-too-human experience that it is easier to formulate a goal than to tackle it.

Are you faster with your words than with your actions?
Do you want to stay close to your goals and achieve more?

If you do not have any goals in your life at all, now is a good time to get one or some.

Choose A Realistic Goal

It’s probably harder to achieve your goals if you want to reach multiple goals at the same time.

It is better to go one target after the other if you are looking to accomplish something. Preparing a plan on how to pursue, waypoints so to speak, that something is of the essence.

When do you want to do things for your goal?
How much time are you willing to spend?
What steps are necessary to achieve that?

Learn To Write Better

If you quit something (e.g., smoking), what do you want to do to ease the withdraw symptoms? How are you going to focus on your goal? 

Become Active

Become Active

Think about the way to go again and again and then act. Don’t wait for things to fall into your lap. In most cases, successful people have done something to be successful. Set your start date, not for tomorrow, but rather become active immediately.

Trust Your Gut Instinct, At Times

Once you have analysed the situation and a plan in your hands, go for it, even if you feel uncomfortable.

As you gradually get more active towards your goal, you will become more confident. The “I’m doing it”, euphoria kicks in.

Focus Your Attention On Your Success

Don’t care what other people think of you or whether you might have a failure. Define success so that you perceive the opportunity and act on it.

Strengthen Your Enthusiasm

Learn how your life changes when you reach your goal.
How are you going to feel, mentally and intellectually?
How then will you think about yourself?
How will others react to you?
Will it change your professional and private life?

Surround yourself with people who have already achieved their goal or are working on it. Enthusiasm is contagious. You might as well read books of successful people, enhancing your motivation and perseverance.

Defeat And Failure Are Reminders


Defeat And Failures

If you want to tackle something new or break an old habit, the change usually doesn’t happen in a straight line. It will perhaps make a detour, or even end up in a deadlock.

Don’t look at these road blocks as a personal failure. Mistakes and failures only inform you that you are still struggling or perhaps need a different path.

Understand when you need to ask for help. There’s no shame in doing so. Probably somewhere near you is a company that serves to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Those companies are gold; they are in the business of getting your venture to the level where it can be called a business.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

Goals depending on ambition, can sometimes only be achieved over the course of months and years. So you have to be prepared to wait a long time for the payoff.

The longer it takes for you to see results the higher the chance that your enthusiasm will diminish and you will drop your goal.

You can make it easier to stay on track by recalling the reasons why you are doing it. It is also helpful to take a closer look at the waypoints you have already reached. 

And most importantly, to get from the valley to the summit, you have to keep an eye on the mountain. So bear in mind your goal and the benefits associated with your goal.

What’s The Idea Behind Setting Goals

If you are someone who’s afraid of failure, you might opt not to set goals for yourself. Any goals that may have been necessary; they provide a purpose or a direction in your life. Without defining a goal, you will lack motivation and enthusiasm.

You will find yourself moving about life, no aim, and no goal to reach.

People desire success and happiness, you probably are no different, but lack the understanding of how to make things a reality. Take the time to write down whatever short and long-term goals you have in mind.

You Must Have A Goal

Pitch the goals to your close friends and relatives. That is an excellent chance to carve out steps you need to take to get where you want to be.

The Planned Goal

You may state that financial independence is what you want. That is an impressive goal, but unless you create a plan and map out the steps necessary, you will never realise that goal. Simply thinking of your goal isn’t enough.

The planned goal involves plotting a path that keeps you on track towards your goal of financial independence.

For instance, your plan is to finish your education and secure a job within x-number of years. On top of that, you set a goal of being debt-free in x-number of years as well as increase your savings during the same time.

That is goal planning. It will help you realise your primary goal of financial independence.

The Targeted Goal

Planned goals as you establish them put you in the right direction. But the realisation of the larger picture involves the creation of smaller targets.

With the above example, if you are planning to pay your credit card debt in five years to achieve financial independence, you must break this goal into smaller targets.

Like so, you can increase your minimum monthly payments, decide to stop using credit cards and then gradually work out a lump sum in the direction of your debts.

A goal could be to pay off half of the balance within a year and then eliminate the other half in another year. Solid targets keep you on track.


Rarely are goals achieved overnight. Working on each goal requires patience and consistency. You can get out of your way or experience setbacks. But instead of letting setbacks spoil your efforts or slow you down adjust to changes and press forward.

Use a post-it note for either planned and targeted goals and stick it where you can see it. Often refer to it to keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

As long as you are aware of the fact that it may be a very long time for you to accomplish your goal, you are alright. Just don’t give up, stay on it and work it.

Stay On It, And Work It

Any comments, please drop them in the little box below.

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Goals, Targets, And Getting There

Goals, Targets, And Getting There

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