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Focus | Notice The Signs Of Distraction

Focus – Notice The Signs Of Distraction

How do you stay in focus, I often get asked. With so many competing priorities it’s hard to tune out all of the noise.

As we go through the day, we end up jumping from task to task. And even more likely, we allow interruptions to take us off track. Even our thoughts can distract us.

The first thing I always point to is to have a blank piece of paper to capture the random thoughts and ideas that jump into our heads.

I also offer this method for those times when we start to lose focus, when we get distracted.

The first thing I always point to is to have a blank piece of paper to capture the random thoughts and ideas that jump into our heads.

I also offer this method for those times when we start to get distracted.

Focus on N.I.S.A







There’s power in recognising the pattern as it is happening. There will always be signs, and we should know them.

Some moments precede every action, a space in which we get to decide what to do next. It is in this space that we have an opportunity.

Despite the allure of something new, recognising those moments can give us a pause. Sometimes it helps to provide ourselves with a trigger, or interference.

A word or phrase like saying the word, “Stop” out loud.

Interference can jar us and give us a signal to switch. We can switch by looking at our plan. To ground ourselves in the decisions we have already made and committed to.

Then we can Act. We get back to work because the plan is already in place. We’ve decided what needs doing.

And unless there is compelling evidence to suggest it was an evil plan, we need to stick with it.






Focus on NISA

State Your Intention

Before any of this, there is something even more straightforward. It’s about setting our intention. I’m not talking about a daily intention; although that’s a useful approach, I am talking about setting an intention for much shorter time periods.

“For the next 20 minutes, I will…”

I did it before I started writing this blog post. I stated that my intention for the next 90 minutes would be to write this blog post. I’m about 40 minutes in on that.

Stating our intention does a few things,

First of all,

It slows us down. There is a harried nature to our lives. I notice that even when I am doing nothing, my brain can be a wobbly mess of thoughts and competing for urges to work on this or that.

Combine that with the guilt of what I should be doing instead of nothing. Taking a moment to state my intention before I jump into a project, clears away what I was doing and sets me up for what I am about to do.

And then,

It takes ownership of the time. If I state my intention of writing for 20 minutes, I am laying claim to that time for that purpose. Whatever is in my inbox doesn’t matter during that time. It doesn’t matter what’s happening on Instagram or CNN.

That time is reserved.

And finally,

It defines the outcome. My intention brings definition and focuses on my actions. There is clarity about what I am doing with the next 20 minutes of my day. It can be more than that, though.

If I were entering a meeting, I might take a quiet moment to myself to state my intention beforehand. Reminding myself of this focuses my attention on the people and the purpose.

Focus Not Magic

It’s Not Magic

What I find most effective about this approach is the simple reminder and the permission to focus on one thing.

The key for me is to keep the time increments short. I choose 20 or 40-minute time blocks. I can then string a series of intentions and actions together.

It feels a bit magical because our brains are pretty powerful at materialising what we decide to do. We just don’t always take the time to do that. It’s not magical in that it takes time to train our brains to work differently.

N.I.S.A (Revised)

I think I’ll make dual use of the “I” in N.I.S.A





Just after the Interference, there is a small moment that is the perfect place to remind yourself of your intention before you Switch and Act.

I think it fits quite nicely.

Of course, N.I.S.A is a tool to get your attention back to what you intended to do in the first place.

You have to start by stating it. I’m betting it only takes you a few seconds to do that. Give it a try. Take small bites at first. And let me know how it goes.


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