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43 Suggestions for Exciting Blog Content

Get New Ideas

Exciting blog content is never far. If you’re looking for inspiration, give inspiration a chance to find you. Go out, explore the world, surf, read and watch. Be curious. That’s how you get new ideas for your blog.

Without you having to make an extra effort, your incredible mind will create something new from the many impressions. You just have to let it.

And then you write everything down.

Here are 43 suggestions to help you get started.

It makes a difference whether you’re travelling privately or appearing as a corporate blogger in a team and representing a company or brand. But many things overlap.

The following list is a bit confusing. You are always looking for what you like and what suits your situation. Start somewhere.

Ok, let’s get to it

Exciting Blog Content

1) Stick to current topics and connect them with your own affairs.

2) You can also use holidays in this way.

3) Put your sources and role models on display.

4) Describe your creative process.

5) Take part in a poll.

6) Share links. Mention known bloggers or readers in a thank you post.

7) Look through unpublished contributions and sketches and create something new with it.

8) Show your readers what you like, what moves you, what has influenced you.

9) Show your favourite fonts with examples of use.

10) Find 10 Twitter Accounts to follow – from your niche to your topics.

Exciting Blog Content

11) Do the same on your Facebook account or Youtube or Instagram. Whatever suits that need.

12) Make a Best of from older posts.

13) Introduce one of your favourite books and give it away (Comment & Win). This is also possible with textbooks. The raffle ensures life in the shack. The costs are moderate.

14) You can also introduce songs or playlists, even embed them directly. If it fits your blog.

15) Comment games. Challenge your readers to do something specific. What exactly, depends on your topic. For example, let everyone name a colour as unusual as possible and then make a palette out of it.

16) Talk about your favourite trick, drink, or hack. Or connect everything.

17) Create summaries. The best / most successful posts from last year/month.

18) Show the posts where you learned the most and explain why.

19) A day in the life of a blogger. How and where do you work? What does a blogger do in a day?

Exciting Blog Content

20) Create a mood board for you and your audience. That’s fun and looks, depending on personal preference, nice and colourful.

21) Report on the beginnings of your blog and your motivation at the time.

22) Convert an older short post into visual content. Make a graphic of it.

23) Declare and write a manifesto. That’s a kind of letter of intent, also called a mission statement. Which will also help you to readjust the direction you are travelling.

24) Create a gallery of all posts or selected posts and categories.

25) Try yourself as a junior Nostradamus and predict trends and developments for the coming year. This format is also known as “Psychic”.

26) In some blogs, it is a good thing to report on income regularly. Maybe that’s something for you too.

27) Introduce tools or apps that you use yourself or try for your own interest. Let your audience participate.

28) Let the world know which books you should read in your niche.

29) Encourage your readers to join in to clarify a concrete question. Do you buy here? Are you clicking? And so on.

Exciting Blog Content

30) Write about the things you would have liked to know at the beginning of your blogger life, but of which you had no idea then.

31) Introduce team members and colleagues. Also temporary, i.e. interns, volunteers and temporary workers.

32) Describe processes, for example how you create a newsletter in-house.

33) Tell anecdotes inspired by you by customers.

34) Write a sequel. Check on your blog for suitable candidates that have already been successful.

35) Describe the origin of the company logo or name. What meanings are behind it?

36) Answer questions. You can get some from Q & A sites, in forums, at your company’s customer support, or you can imagine something and ask your readers to ask more questions.

37) Write an open letter to …

38) Get mad. The format is called “Rant.”

39) Myths and legends in your niche and what’s behind it.

Exciting Blog Content

40) Report about what you have learned or experienced during the last three or six months of blogging, or something else.

41) List 5 or 10 texts that you want to write in your life.

42) ?

43) You can combine these blog ideas with the various forms of blog posts or articles.

There are overlaps in content, I admit it, but that’s not important. The possibilities are endless, and that’s all that matters.

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Exciting Blog Content

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