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Don’t Bother Learning Anything New

Don’t Bother Learning Anything New

I know you’ve got a lot of challenges ahead of you. Your website isn’t converting. You abandoned your newsletter. Sales are nonexistent, oh the horror. Try finding your way out of this.

I also know you’re following the gurus out there. You see a solution. I support that. My experience tells me that some of the teachings will help you achieve greatness. But which ones?

There are too many gurus and way too many teachings as opposed to what really matters.

So what should you do? Because right now, you’re still eating the free cheese and crackers and sampling a lot of things. You might feel less hungry, but you’re sure not getting the right nutrients.

Learn To Write Better

I’m guilty of the same offence!

So far this year, I’ve paid for two courses. One is about writing better fiction, I forget who teaches it, but it’s one of those famous people ones. The other is about making better teaching materials, that’s by I forgot as well. Like a lot of individuals, I haven’t watched them yet.

Instead, I read lots of articles, learn more and more by watching videos, and absorb ideas wherever I can find them.

But the truth is, none of it matters. And it won’t matter to you, either.

Don’t Bother Learning Anything New

You heard me. Stop. It’s over. Don’t do it.


There is the big gap-bridger between getting all kinds of useful information and actually accomplishing anything.

Don’t bother learning anything new, unless, unless you try it out right afterwards, and I mean pretty damned immediately.

Learn It, Use It, Lose It. That’s the missing part.

If you don’t do something with what you’ve just learned, you’ll lose the knowledge. Even if it’s teaching it to someone else, it’ll slip right out. Gone. Vaporized.

Learning Is Often Lean Back


When you study a course, I trust that you’ve got the course open in one tab, you’re surfing the web in another tab, answering emails, and maybe listening to some music at the same time.

I know you do that not because I am so perfect, but because I too distract myself in the same way.

Today I ask you to stop all that and get real. I want you to give your full attention, in some kind of arrogant way, be selfish. I know that if you don’t absorb the information and then immediately do something with it, it’ll be lost.

Learning is lean back until its hands on. Until, the learned is getting used. Until, you do something immediately with what you’ve learned.

Set It Up

When you find your 20 minutes or so to learn something, set up another amount of time to practice/execute what you just learned. Do your damnedest to make it as close to the lesson as possible.

Now, this isn’t always practical.

Second best, get a friend to let you teach them what you just learned. Have them echo back their understanding of what you teach them. Correct their read back if it’s not 100%.

You Remember the Turmeric Analogy?

Read it here

A month or two or more ago, I told you about that if you want the health benefits of turmeric, you must also consume a little black pepper with it.

It’s like 5% efficient when you take turmeric alone.
It’s 100% effective if you add the black pepper.

Learning is 5%.
Learning then doing is 100%.

I don’t care what you’re learning. I care that you’re wasting your time if you don’t do something to absorb it.

Make sense?

What’s on the horizon for you? What are you learning right now that needs a little bit of practice? I’d love to hear. Type away in the little comment box below.

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Don’t Bother Learning Anything New

3 Comments to “Don’t Bother Learning Anything New”

  1. Dinh says:

    I definitely with you that once you learn something that you must take action to learn what you have learned. It does help a lot when you teach someone because you have to know what you have learned to teach them.
    It makes sense to take that time and put the learning in action. 🙂

    • Danyel says:

      It’s simple, really. The point of learning stuff is to use the learned.
      Learning something to gain knowledge but not spreading it, is pointless.
      Thanks for your feedback.

      Cheers Dinh

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