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Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It

Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It

I know. It’s crazy. There’s all this noise out there. You’re deep in the chaos of all this information, trying to keep up, to learn what matters. It’s so difficult to figure out what to do and what NOT to do. And you’re just trying to get your project going, right?

Even though a lot is coming at you, the real problem is that you are mired in conflicting and random information, and you’re not ready to start.

The reason why you do not get going is that you have to understand that it’s only when you have a clear plan, with action steps, and a community of peers to support this new project of yours that you’ll get started and move in the right direction.

That is why we have to establish the right environment of support around us to get going on our projects.

Establish The Right Environment Of Support

A lot of times, you have many of the pieces, but they’re not laid out clearly enough and not in the right order. If you find yourself saying “If I could just,” that is a good indication for you need direction to action.

As for action, the internet has created lots of nonsense how-to information devoid of logic and based on our non-success. And when you’re a business owner, if the information doesn’t make sense, you most likely find that out the hard way.

With the daily interactions within your business environment, you’ll feel left out. Surrounded and supported by no other than yourself who is working on projects and start improving your business. You encourage accountability as your business partner so that you can hold yourself to your commitments better.

Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It

How Do You Do That?

Well, Get Off the Merry-Go-Round!!!

Are you going to keep reading everything, buying courses you don’t actually start, and feeling guilty about all the wasted time?

Or will you stop that and get your goals sorted, your plans in place, a community of support built around you, and get your project going?

Are You Ready To Get Started

Pay yourself, like a monthly subscription. Calculate the money you’ve spent thus far on things that did not get your business moving. Be honest with that; you are only lying to yourself, no other. I could care less, but since I care, I suggest.

Write it all down, hosting, e-Books, different reading materials, courses, tutorials, content creation, memberships, and etcetera.

What does that add up to over the year?

Surprised now, are you?

For simplicity’s sake let’s assume that you spend $1200.- on aids that did nothing for your business or your business education.

That’s $100.- a month. That gave you all this:

-A membership you don’t know what to do with. Ja ja first excitements, funny how they disappear.
-A mountain of eBooks, most of which have yet to be read.
-Tutorials at eLearning sites you have not put into practice, worse yet, tutorials you have not even started.
-An over the top hosting plan, for those masses of visitors not yet aware of your site.
-Fees for content created by others, because you can’t handle three posts a week on your site, too busy I know.

And now that you have the evidence of how you messed up, what to do?

Easy, really!

Get clarity on your goal. Note, I say goal, not goals. Just pick one!
Develop solid action steps by picking skills and resources up.
That’s all you have to do to point your business into the wind.

Get Direction To Action

Get Direction To Action

Remember those words, follow the steps you develop, pay yourself first.

And launch!

Your input means a lot to me; it tells me how I am doing.
Leave them in the box below, and I be sure to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It

Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It

5 Comments to “Direction To Action, Why Are You Not Getting It”

  1. Lorenza says:

    Nice one Danyel. I’m commenting on blogs from now on. I do it often but sometimes I’m lazy to fill in the boxes. G+ is messing with me. You’re right there’s too much info out there. When the plan is set out then you focus on each step until you complete the plan. I’m not a business, but I’m building a brand. Only for a week or so now I’ve started to write down To do lists. I’m adding and ticking off every day. I can see already an improvement in my productivity. Where before I was all over the place without a clear layout and that just made me feel overwhelmed. The more clear I got, the more I see where I’m going. I even figured out my money making strategy for my blog. I’ve already seen an increase where before people didnt even know I run affiliate links. I hope it works. Anyway To do list needs doing now lol.

    • Danyel says:

      It’s meant as little waypoints that guide you on your way. And that’s all it is. As you notice the improvements, you will understand what it’s all about. That actually is where most people just throw it all. Not seeing any positive changes, discouragement sets in and they give up. Direction to action, simple as that.

      Thanks for your comment Lorenza, I didn’t get around to check the comments any sooner.

  2. Brent says:

    That is where I struggle the most is trying to find out what data out there will support, enhance and optimize me the most. there are just so many different directions to go in. And new ones showing up every day, it seems.

    As far as paying myself, yes, that is something Proctor talks about and I have yet to do. But thy will be done!!!

    Thanks again for another great post.

    • Danyel says:

      Distractions are everywhere. I fell into that too. Eventually, you find out that all that’s available is, in essence, the same s*^&, just reworded.
      One teacher, one teacher’s teachings. That’s how I deal with that now.
      Brent man, thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

  3. […] is much appreciated, leave it in the box below, and I am sure to get back to you within 24 hours. You may also like, Direction To Action […]

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