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Different is The Direction, if You Just Stay Who You Are

Different is The Direction, Stay Who You Are

Different is the direction.
You will lose if you win.
The heart has long known where to go.
You can only take what you give.

What you want to reduce gets bigger.
And what you want to weaken becomes stronger.
What you destroy will destroy you.
You bring the pain into this world.

The gate of all wonders shuts in front of you.
But you don’t recognise it.
You don’t know who you are; you want more.
You give your name; You believe everything’s secure and that confuses the heart.

Now, as forever, nothing is too late.
You can not hear what does not sound.
You are inscrutable to me, as incredible as the light.
So profoundly hidden and yet so close, so inexplicable and so true.

What I mean has no name, no face.
It will find you if you don’t look for it.
If you just stay who you are.

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The Sun

Different is The Direction

Different is The Direction

One Comment to “Different is The Direction, if You Just Stay Who You Are”

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