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Delegate Like Richard Branson

5 Steps To Success

Delegate like Richard Branson. It is one of the most notable weaknesses of many bosses, delegating people. Here’s how self-made billionaire Richard Branson builds a team in five steps, to which he can delegate tasks.


A customer meeting is pending. While there are people on your team who would be highly qualified for this, you still insist on leading it yourself. Easy to play it safe. Does that seem familiar to you? Richard Branson would act differently.

As a billionaire entrepreneur, Branson knows how important it is to delegate like a boss. It’s clear to him that only those who give up tasks can grow with their company.

And even if this is an incredible idea for many entrepreneurs: You can’t do everything yourself — and sometimes have to give up control. On his blog for Virgin, he shares a 5-step plan that has been helping him for years to build a team to delegate tasks to.


1. Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses


Ask yourself, “What can I do well, and what not?” That’s the first step to better delegating, according to Branson. Also, one’s preferences should play a role: someone who likes to conduct customer discussions is probably better at it than someone who does not care so much.


However, you should also be honest with yourself and always ask if there is someone who could perform the job just as well or perhaps better. After all, not everyone is born to be an IT specialist, even if it might be fun for them.


Branson says one should also ask his family and friends for their opinions. Often, outsiders notice things about us we don’t see. He advises, “When you have collected your thoughts and results, write them down and make sure that there is a recognisable pattern.”


2. Understand The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Company


Next, repeat the first step — but this time include the entire business. That allows you to identify topics in which you need to improve. “This will show the skills, experience and personal qualities your company and team are missing,” says Branson.


3. Assess Your Staff


In the third step, use your results from the first two steps. What can you change within your team? Hiring new employees or entrusting new tasks to existing employees? Often, employees have skills that can balance weaknesses in other parts of the company.

Branson says, “You need to build a dynamic and diverse team if you want to delegate and succeed.” He also suggests that you take your time finding the right candidate for a position. It’s more effective in the long run than just hiring somebody.


4. Include Employees


The fourth step presents a challenge for many entrepreneurs, allowing employees to get involved. Being open to new ideas can help solve and prevent problems. For example, someone who deals with computers in his or her free time can point out security issues at an early stage — even if that doesn’t fall within the area of responsibility.


Besides, a team that communicates openly and pulls together has more potential for success than many lone fighters. Branson points out, “It’s important to remember that people are your biggest asset and you need to invest in them.”


5. Stay Visible, Be Approachable


After minimising your company’s vulnerabilities and building a top team in steps 1 through 4, can you sit back and relax? No, of course not. As a boss, you must remain present and approachable for all employees. Even if you delegate tasks, your employees will continue to need and seek your guidance.

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Delegate Like Richard Branson

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