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Convince & Convert | Numbers Don’t Lie

Convince & Convert | Numbers Don’t Lie

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, last week. She’s a manager at a headhunting firm. She helps companies to match the right person with the right job.

But many of her clients come to her first with the challenge of motivating employees.

Her answer is, don’t motivate people after hiring them. Hire individuals who are already motivated.

The Wrong Problem

In simple marketing terms, it’s all about the number before the number.

For example, if you are a car salesperson, the target would be more sales. It is likely that sales increase if you offer test drives.

The more people you can bring to drive your cars, the more likely you are to get a sale. People who come to the dealer to take a driving test are already motivated to buy a vehicle.

So, instead of focusing all your energy on getting more sales, make test drives your goal.

That Changes Everything

Some other examples. For a house painter, the goal is to estimate. For a real estate agent, the goal is to set up open houses. In both cases, usually only motivated people will act. Ask the painter for the estimate and attend the real estate agent’s open house.

The Thing Most Likely

Zooming in on this goal, the number of the way we approach the problem of sales and marketing changes.

The challenge is not to be too broad, how do I get more people? Or too transactional, how do I sell more? But to drive the thing most likely to get the result you need.

If you can identify a number that is likely to drive sales, then your focus is on your energy. Your actions change to drive those results.

If you know that more test drives get more sales, your efforts should focus on more and more test drives. The sales will come.

The Three Top Challenges

1) I’m a bit lost in the desert. I would like to have a greater impact on my business and my life – leadership and clarity.

2) I need more customers. I would like more influence, more attention, more sales – marketing and sales.

3) I have to do more. I need a better approach and habits – systems.

I bet you say yes to one or all, and that’s the lesson. To understand that you need help and to ask for it.
I want you to remember the number before the number.

Do you know what your number is?

What is your goal? What activity is driving you?

And understand this, even if you are a non-profit organisation. Or you serve at your church’s board; there is a sale looming. There is a point where you hope to turn someone into a donor or to become a member of your church. That’s a sale!

No matter what your goal, it is important to identify the target action that is most likely to happen.

Identify The Target


I want to give you something, something for Free!

You’ve already seen this phrase many times. And it still works. I give you access to a free book. If you are not interested in the subject, you are not going to take it. A that is true for anything else marketing. Interested parties take the offer.

Most of the people who run a business have one of the three top challenges between them and success. What is your biggest problem?

The little box below is for your number. Tell me which one is yours. I’m looking forward to your comments.

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Convince and Convert

Convince & Convert | Numbers Don't Lie

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