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$#!|% Content and What Microsoft Taught Us

$#!|% Content and What Microsoft Taught Us

$#!|% Content and What Microsoft Taught Us. There, I said it! I would neither pay a penny to read it nor would I pay myself a dime to produce it. Heck, I would not pay a penny to publish it. And it’s not just because it’s a random piece of writing without any advertising.

And easy enough, it is a useless piece of $#!|%. Mama won’t care for it, why would I?

Not even if this were to go viral on Social Media, it’s still not going to put food on the table.

What’s my beef? Useless articles! You see, the article by itself, in the purest form of writing, has been beaten, and raped, and devalued to the excess of virtually zero value.

Quality Where Are You Now

I dare to call out the Freelancer sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. Now I feel so used. Those places have made it a reality, spit in the face of every hard-working, content producing writer. For a few dollars, you can outsource just about anything, even the written word.

Freelancer Sites Can Leave You Feeling A Little Bit Used And A Little Grubby

Learn To Write Better

Freelancer Sites Can Leave You Feeling A Little Bit Used And A Little Grubby

Every single day there are more pieces of content produced than we could read. Masterpieces that is. Those are the things that deserve our respect, the writings of a writer. And that is what never gets to see the light of day.

A Talented Writer Knows His Worth

Every article is worthless. An audience on the other hand, now that’s valuable. No matter how good an article you can write.

Fake news and low-quality content are flooding the internet. I don’t care what the first lady wore during her early days; I don’t care. I’m trying to run a business, serving my audience.

Oh, by the way, the newest fashion in lip gloss, should we waste time on that? People! Life is moving, and you are not participating.

The Goal Is To Tell The World That You Exist, Not Necessarily Incite A Click

Take it from schadenfreude all the way to merriment, the sentiment of your blog post plays a significant role in how visitors interact and consume your content. No matter how you frame and phrase your offer, it matters as much as the tender itself.

Often, we think the work speaks for itself. It doesn’t. That’s what sinks large companies and small ones alike. Microsoft lost its way for the last few decades. The mission of a computer on every desk was accomplished years ago.

Heck, we have phones and tablets, too. It took CEO Satya Nadella stepping in and telling every employee that the mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

The key of that?

Achieve more. Microsoft views itself as a production company.
From your core, you can build out your business and offerings to serve the people you know you can help. The simplest of activities have a heart, and if they see it well, they can stretch to help a lot of people and thrive.

Rant is over, just wanted to get that off my chest.

The little box below is for your comments/rants, whichever, I’m happy to read it all.


The Suffering Writer

Freelancer Sites Can Leave You Feeling A Little Bit Used And A Little Grubby

$#!|% Content and What Microsoft Taught Us

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