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The Waiting Room

What Do Words Have To Do With That?

Comparative word research. We use the term room quite often, and, I think, it’s negatively employed, mostly adversely deployed. There are a few exceptions that confirm the rule.

Think of a living room. Pleasant. Warm. Enjoyable. Connected to the most delicate scents coming from the dining room.

Comparative Word Research

So opened my faculty professor, of comparative word grammar his lectures. That’s how he taught the first lesson to new students.

Word-wise he was, mighty gestures, impressed his audience again and again.

And if we continue in this comparative line, he immediately went on, and I really asked myself why there was a professor with this orientation.

Whether it was the squandering of tax revenue by the state, the word depleting room, or coring, peeling, dissect with our sharp mind, we soon get to the ladies-room.

What does this word have to do with a room?

Well, young ladies and gentlemen, huh?

Nothing, nothing at all.

For ladies in a room is not necessarily a ladies-room in a philosophical sense

Even if we omit the famous hyphen that binds everything that can’t and shouldn’t belong together, a ladies room has even less in common with a room in which a single lady is.

In my lectures, you will learn there is a correlation, a context. Analyze analytically, sharpen your mind like a knife on a whetstone.

That yours may slash those fellow students, who are not allowed to attend this lecture, as Jack the Ripper once did with his victims.

The professor took his oversized checkered handkerchief from his left trouser-pocket and dabbed his sweaty forehead off.

Granted it was a hot day.

But our professor had been on fire when he gave his comparative credo, which seemed to have completely consumed him.

The Waiting Room

Let’s move on to the next word prodigy, or better yet word monster. The waiting room.

A room in which we wait. What’s the question here? On whom, on what? Is it the waiting room of life?

We wait for life. The real life? We wait for something completely different, perhaps for the next bus, in this room.

To the doctor that takes care of us. Waiting with fellow human beings who are waiting for the same or something similar.

Well, dear students, faculty, we are all sitting in a waiting room. The waiting room in which we are waiting.

On what, only we know.

Each and, every one of us

But surely we are waiting for an end. An open end. Or a closed one. Like this lecture.

I have closed!

With these words, the professor closed the lecture in the now hot, glistening air. He had been waiting long enough. In the waiting room of comparative word research.

50 Things of Something, The Truth is Out There

Comparative Word Research

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