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You Are Strong
You Are Strong Over time, you learn that holding hands is not the same as binding a soul. And love doesn’t mean to lean on. An escort doesn’t mean security. You are learning gradually that kisses are not contracts and gifts aren’t promises. And so you begin to accept it all with the dignity of an adult. And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow is on unsafe ground. Over time you realize that even sunshine...
Temptation I have been here many times A million times and more I was a friend I was an enemy Temptation makes me weak I fought it for a lifetime I have to fight it again The last start yet once more I lived a hundred times I loved a hundred times A hundred times one life Only searching for you I gave a lot; I gave my life Still, it was not enough I suffered a lifetime A million...
Uncertain Is it only for one night Or is it made for eternity? Uncertain is the way What happened to us Maybe I misunderstand I just want you Maybe today, maybe then Tomorrow or some time Maybe yes, maybe no Only now and again Start something new For you and me Where are we going? Where may we end up? Everything is just a farce But maybe it will last long enough Surely for a lifetime But certainly not Lay...
Long Gone
Long Gone Your place is now empty; I can’t find you anymore And that’s how it will be, soon, forever Every picture of you turns into a colourful piece of paper Memories are everything; Nothing else I take with me I often think about it, Feel your hand in mine But you let go, turn around and look at me Not as if it were the last time, but final, all ending I am not ready yet, Give me time...
Different is The Direction
Different is The Direction, Stay Who You Are Different is the direction. You will lose if you win. The heart has long known where to go. You can only take what you give. What you want to reduce gets bigger. And what you want to weaken becomes stronger. What you destroy will destroy you. You bring the pain into this world. The gate of all wonders shuts in front of you. But you don’t recognise it. You don’t know who...
I Meant To
I Meant To I meant to bear hope for this life As it twists through thorns Ventures along the rim of sorrow As it slips into darkness I meant to find the bitter love of pain As it resists temptation Writhing in the embers of passion As it faces evil I meant to break every rose As every thorn penetrates my hand Stabbed out of desperation As I must burn by love Long Gone

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