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Mind The Gap | Business Is All About That

If You Aim At Everything, You’ll Hit Nothing

Business is all about the gaps. Just as I started writing this blog, the need for some tea arose, I’ve got a sore throat.

I put some chamomile in a cup, added hot water and then said to the air, Alexa, set a timer for 6 minutes for my tea. She said back to me, Tea timer. Six minutes, starting now!

I then unlocked my phone with my thumb, iPhone 7 has this feature, and said aloud, Hello Siri, what time is it now, She read back to me it’s 8 am.

That isn’t sci-fi. It’s my everyday life, and this is what a lot of people are doing now. Maybe you. Maybe not you.

But as you may or may not be struggling with what to put up on your blog, the requirements of business and culture and life around you are changing.

Business Is All About The Gaps

We have to look out past today and last year. And we have to ask what’s happening and how it affects what we’re trying to do. We have to follow those people who follow the trends and figure out where we might be able to serve and deliver effectively.

That’s business. Business is all about the gaps

Fishermen pulled too many fish from various species from the sea and thus the world had to get used to new species while those replenished. But then also, aquaculture rose up to fill that gap, so that farmed fish became a product.

Fossil fuels are finite and will always be limited. Other forces add pressure to our choices to consume them. And thus, electric cars are coming closer and closer to being the norm.

Before I die, we’ll be calling those vehicles just cars and calling the ones that take gasoline by some other name.

TV used to be three or four channels. There used to be one or two newspapers per home. Now, ordinary folks make and distribute their media. Mom and dad blogs that shoot videos. Everyone is a TV show and a Newspaper and a Radio show.

The Paradox Of Seeing Far And Staying Near

Your job, yeah you! Is to look out at some of these trends and understand how you and your business will serve them.

In a world where people can speak into the air to order more batteries, I just did that, how will they find what you sell?

We use fewer and fewer apps on our phone. Assistants and other AI tools are slipping between humans and what they’re asking. How will we earn people’s attention?

People don’t watch regular TV or read the paper anymore. How do you find them? That’s what I think about as a marketer and business communicator. But that’s just one set of gaps. There are gaps everywhere.

If you sell pizza but don’t have a slick website for ordering and creating like Pizza Hut, why would I buy from you?

At Finger Tips Convenience

I create my very own custom pizza that a local place could do with a long phone call but that I get done with a few clicks.

Why will anyone need car insurance, humans much more, if our cars are just going to tattle on us at every turn?

What does a real estate professional do when drones can fly us through a showing, and sensors can prompt speakers to tell us what we might want to know about various rooms? Yes, I know and yes, I know it’s more than this but how much more?

That’s what you must think about, the gaps. What’s missing? What’s coming that will shift what we’re doing.

But then, you must stay near. You must remain present. And you must work on your business and how it serves.

That’s everyday work. That’s not here and there work. The act of thinking about what’s coming and then adapting what you have today is a daily action based on monthly or quarterly check-ins with the road ahead.

What Not to Do

Here’s what I see,

That’ll never happen
That won’t work
It’s not coming
I was talking about how Bitcoin shot past $2000 in value a while back, and someone said oh, you mean that fake money?

That fake money and the systems that deliver it around are being implemented and studied carefully by several world banks that are launching their programs now.

That fake money is/will displace many systems that seemed immutable

The only truth of all life is that it changes. That’s the only thing we can all agree upon. We, humans, resist change. Even when you eat the same thing for lunch every day for ten years, that food has all changed. What’s in it, where it came from, etc.

What Not To Do Part Deux


Do not.

That’s the beauty of focus. If you aim at everything, you’ll hit nothing. If you worry about everything, you’ll do nothing.

Look around. Look for gaps. Ask yourself what will replace my business? What are my buyers going through? Ask yourself How can I find the right way to serve the people I want to help?

And focus on that. If you don’t have to worry about electric cars, then don’t. If you’re not a fisherman, then all you have to ask yourself is whether you want to eat fish or not.

Find The Gap

The British tube system subways have an auto-voice that says mind the gap to remind distracted people not to twist their ankle in the space between the train and the platform.

Find the gap!

That’s your job. Look past now. Look into where it all is heading, then do something about it. After all, business is all about the gaps.

And if you don’t know how to do that something?

Ask, How do I find out about that?

Don’t just say, Oh, I don’t know anything about that.
That’s what a lot of people do.


Let’s get those gaps found and let’s serve the people you work with.


The empty little box below is there for your two cents. Let me know.


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Business Is All About The Gaps

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