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Grow Your Business

Stop The Excuses

Business growth and personal growth. It’s still happening. I have conversations with people about how hard it is for them to get their work done.

The little things continue to get in the way of the important work that needs doing for your business to grow.

In one conversation, I kept hearing a familiar theme. Perhaps you’ve said this yourself. It sounds something like,

Once I get past this list of things I need to do, I’ll get to the bigger stuff

Here’s a tip. There will always be a new list standing in the way of you and the bigger stuff. It’s just an excuse.

Get Your Degree

A little while ago the head coach of my nephew’s swim team was thanking his assistant coaches and praising their commitment to the program.

He noted one assistant who has a full-time job, is getting his Master’s Degree, has a young family, and still wanted to be a part of coaching the team. He loves it that much.

You’ve heard of folks like this. They’re the people to whom everyone says,

I don’t know how you do it all

I know exactly how he does it.

He decided.

He decided to commit to these four things. The commitments place expectations on his time. The time is outlined. He shows up when he’s needed.

The beauty of committing to a Master’s Degree, aside from all the neat learning, is the structure it provides. There are course requirements. Homework has a due date. Tests occur on specific dates.

I’m not entirely sure what his process was, but I’m guessing he took a look at his work schedule. He looked at his family time. He looked at the demands of the degree program and figured out where he could fit that into his schedule. And with the time left, he saw an opening for coaching a high school swim team.

It got me thinking, if you treated the projects you never have time for the same way this guy handles his Master’s Degree, you would find the time.

Business Growth And Personal Growth

There’s a great quote from Stephen Covey’s final book, The 8th Habit. He says,

Assume the half-life of your profession is two years; now prepare accordingly

Preparation, in that case, will take different forms. But one thing is certain; it’s going to mean spending time on growth.

In my daily plan, I use a grid-box. The Box is a grid of nine, twenty-minute blocks of time. It is reserved explicitly for business growth activities.

People sometimes struggle with the idea that three hours of the day should be devoted strictly to business growth. But you and I both know that those activities are often what gets pushed aside in favour of more trivial tasks.

I spend at least one of those time blocks using social media to share and connect with people and prospects. That’s an example of business growth.

I’ve been devoting time to better understanding blockchain and its implications for improving customer experience. That’s an example of business growth.

I know the assistant coach has his eyes on a much bigger prize than just getting his degree.

It’s an achievement on the way to greater success

But the readings, the assignments, the papers, are all growth efforts on the way to something bigger.

That’s what we mean when I talk about business growth. Each activity is focused on an area that directly impacts the growth of your business.

Make Growing Your Business Your Degree Program

So, are you majoring in business growth?

What does your business growth degree look like?

And what are the requirements?

What projects do you need to complete to achieve it?

And what research needs to be done?

What’s the homework?

What do the opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge, tests look like?

When is it all due?

Business Growth And Personal Growth

Maybe it’s time to stop working on the list of never-ending tasks and start working on a degree in your business.

The Tools Don’t Matter | Your Goals Matter

Business Growth And Personal Growth

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