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Blog TLC | 40 Things You Can Do For Your Blog, Today

40 Things You Can Do For Your Blog, Today

Here are 40 things you can do for your blog today!

1.) First of all go for a stroll, on other blogs! Take inspirations from there.

2.) Write a comment on a blog. That’s useful in several ways. You don’t just give away something; you’ll draw attention to your website and get one or the other visitor.

3.) Take one of your posts and go hunting for typos or misspellings. Beat as many of them as you can in 15 minutes.

4.) Do you maintain link lists? Go to one of them and click on all links use the tabs in the browser. Check if the content displayed matches your recommendations.

5.) Think about an exciting title for a blog post that you could write someday, or maybe tomorrow.

6.) Think about an exciting title for a post you already wrote. Swap it if it suits you. But do not change the URL.

Consider A New Subject

7.) Consider a new subject area that you could work on in the future.

8.) Go one step further and create an ideas book, a notebook or a digital collection of papers for such ideas.


9.) Write To A Blogger Whose Post You Liked

10.) Search the backend for a post that you can delete without leaving a trace. An expired action, for example, a news article, a test for a product that no longer exists. Less ballast = more lightness.

11.) Write a tweet to a post from the archive. Do the same with Google+, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media.

Comment And Share

12.) Comment, retweet and like a successful tweet.

13.) Setup a poll.

14.) Are there featured pictures on your blog? Throw out an older copy and replace it with a fresh one. It is possible that your style has changed since then or your creative possibilities have increased. Take the opportunity to unify colours, width and height.

15.) Make a backup of your blog. Not prepared? Then at least use the internal options. In WordPress, this would be → Tools → Export Data.

16.) Start a backup of your local data.

17.) Clean up your backend. Delete spam and post reviews. Swipe through the database. There are tools for that. In WordPress, for example, the plugin WP-Sweep, which will usually clean in mere seconds.


18.) Answer a question in a forum or Facebook group.


19.) Get The Newsletter Of A Blog That You Appreciate Or Respect, Even If You Don’t Read Any Newsletters

20.) Delete an annoying call to action at the end of a posting. The thing’s bothering you for quite some time, right?

21.) Click your slogan, or what you present as Meta Description on your start page. Maybe you can replace the text with something fresh.

22.) Look at your About page. Is everything up to date?

23.) Go blunderbuss on your plugins. Check what is needed. Delete what’s not. I don’t have to mention updates; you take care of regularly, am I right?

Tidy Up

24.) Do you give out a newsletter? Great, embellish your sign-up box, add festoons to it. Or change your call to action.

25.) Link to someone who was kind to you, or you want to be kind to.

26.) Research new posts in your niche. Use Google → Tools → Past Week. So you keep up to date and at the same time have something to curate.

27.) Search your blog. Because you usually don’t, you can get a fresh view of your content. Maybe you also need a better search plugin.


28.) Increase The Font

It’s probably the easiest way to do something good for your readers. Of course only if your fonts fall into the category dwarfish or tiny. But that’s usually not the case with smart blogs 😉

Add Some Links

29.) Expand your blogroll by one or two links.

30.) Do you use Stock Photos? Check where you have them in use. You can make better photos with Canva. The obvious is not always the best.

31.) Search for hashtags that you can use later.

32.) Enrich one of your blog posts with a thematically fitting video. Get your share out of the gigantic fund of Youtube and embed something. You can also embed photos from Instagram.

33.) Challenge yourself. Think about a challenge. A task that you put yourself in the public eye. Imagine what it would be like. Maybe you even put the project into action.

34.) Find a new content format you want to try. It does not matter what you commit to. It’s about getting variety into a blogger’s everyday life.

Time For A Special Character

35.) Add an emoji or special character to one of your page titles to add some whistle.

36.) Donate an external link to a respectable resource to one of your postings that do not yet link outside.

37.) Do you have the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin in use? Tip #1, Identify a Posting without Meta Description or keyword and fix it.

38.) Do you have the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin in use? Tip #2, Identify a post optionally with no inbound or outbound internal linking and fix it.


39.) Yoast Tip #3, Mark Your Most Important And Best Contributions As “Cornerstone Content.” The Plugin Then Suggests It Again And Again For Linking.

40.) Speaking of WordPress. You know that you can delete unused plugins to increase visibility and reduce risks. But what about the themes? The same, removing excessive themes is done quickly.

41.) Work with synonyms. Take one of your postings and replace some terms, expressions and words with others, more appropriate or more original ones. Depending on the word, you will often find unusual variations.

Now go, go on do something! And then take a break, or read my suggestions below.

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40 Things You Can Do For Your Blog

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