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Assisted Success Or This Matter Of Self-Made

Assisted Success Or This Matter Of Self-Made

I have my connection to those terms, we all have. As independent as I think I am, I benefited from all those I had the opportunity to learn from or with those with whom I worked.

How hard I’ve studied, I know, with the support of my parents. And this support offered a chance, as well as a platform.

No, my parents were not wealthy. Far from it.

But in one way or another, I always knew that I had a solid ground, from which I went to everything I wanted. A platform of varieties.

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Small Moments of Chance

One of the brightest memories I had was in fourth grade. Parents and children were brought to a small cafeteria to learn about their participation in the school band.

To my father’s surprise, it was less informative and more of a sales talk. Brilliant new instruments were shown, and that was the night for children to choose and receive.

The real shock for my father was a required deposit of 10%. At that time it was $60. It was 1980. Sixty Dollar then just works out shy of $200 today.

I could see the pain on my father’s face. I was only ten years old, but I knew it was a stretch for our family.

My father was a proud man. Somehow, and I’m not sure how he did it. Right there, unexpectedly, he paid the $60 for a $600 guitar.

Of course, there were children in my school, whose parents did not spend money that night. Children whose parents could not afford to pay $60.

Over the next four years, I continued to play. I was not great. I was not terrible either. I learned to read music that I learned to practice. I learned how to connect notes. I learned to listen and follow the conductor’s guidance.

I played in groups, competed for judges and marched through our city in a parade.

Everything I learned, every opportunity, was given to me by someone or taught me by someone. And every little achievement created a new platform from which I could advance.

Supportive parents who drove me to the Bandnacht and bought my instrument. – platform

A school with music department and a qualified teacher -platform

Know how to read music – platform

Performing – platform

Although I practised in my room every day, If I became a successful musician, there was nothing self-made about the experience.

I had an advantage. I had parents with enough money to buy the guitar, good teachers, I grew up in a good city.

None of that guarantees any success, of course, and I could probably have used a better example. But the fact of the matter is that I had a platform on which I could stand and find out what would happen later.

We Never Make it Alone

What this story means is that if my past success is not all mine, my future performance is not necessarily mine all alone either.

It serves as a reminder that there are people around us who are ready to answer a question, teach us a skill or show us how to do something new and different.

What’s your take on that? Let me know in the little box below.

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Assisted Success

Assisted Success Or This Matter Of Self-Made

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