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A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

Break Time Is Time For Creativity

A break is the ideal setting for quick creativity. Those who have little free time in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work don’t need to do without creativity. Use your breaks for your creativity. Ten minutes during the breakfast break or the forced break in traffic jams are often enough. Here are some suggestions for you.

People often think that creativity takes time, preferably a lot of time. Time for extensive creative sessions or extended brainstorming, for example. If this time is missing in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work, then creativity will be a thing of the past.

And yes, it is right, if you want to write texts, paint pictures or develop a new product, larger time blocks make sense.

But when it comes to promoting your creativity and spinning ideas, a few minutes are often enough. Anyway, it doesn’t stay with a one-time action.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

Take advantage of forced breaks or interruptions at, grab your breakfast or lunch break, shovel small free spaces and then fill these gaps in favour of your creativity.

That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. You create an alternative so that you no longer have to surf the net during your lunch breaks or get bored in traffic jams. Do something for your creativity.

Shut Down And Do Nothing

I can’t be creative right now. I’m too busy for that. That’s a standard objection not just from overburdened editorial staff. Fatal, especially since the call for creativity at work is continually increasing.

But we are under constant pressure, trying in vain, multitasking. In the evening climbing exhausted from the hamster wheel, creative highs have a hard time. Too distracted and fragmented, the stress blocks even our thinking.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

That’s why one golden rule is, if you take a break, then take a break. Close your eyes and switch off. Try to calm down. Only then can your brain process the many new impressions of the day, and turn them into creative impulses.

Digress And Play

I admit that for a while I was very fond of these little computer games like Tetris, Solitaire, Mahjongg and what not. I’ve killed dozens of popular moorhens or chased goblins through virtual aisles.

Meanwhile, I don’t do that anymore because computer games have lost their appeal for me. That comes from it if you sit too much on the computer. You’re glad if you can go for a hike. But there was one good thing, games and everything that makes us forget work for a moment, are an excellent way to stir our creativity and to inspire our thinking.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

For tasks and problems that you may consciously brood over may have long ago been taken apart and dissolved by your subconscious mind. You don’t realise much of it, chewing on your problem. Only rambling, the purposeless play gives your subconscious the opportunity to speak up and present solutions.

Alternate And Get Stimulated

Truthfully, when did you last talk to someone from the bookkeeping department? Or marketing, the writing room, technology? Anyway, from any other profession than your own? Well?

If you are like most of us, probably rarely. We, humans, tend to follow the herd instinct, that is, we feel most comfortable where everything is familiar to us.

Too bad, because for your creativity nothing is more important than variety and new ideas. After all, the input for all the new ideas has to come from somewhere. The broader your knowledge and the greater your wealth of experience, the easier it is for you to take new perspectives and find unique solutions.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

My suggestion, how about if you visit your unsuspecting colleagues from the accounting department and ask about their work during the next break? It may be that you can’t do much with that knowledge at the moment. But who knows what thoughts and associations you can someday produce?

Change Routine And Become More Attentive

While we are already at more unusual break activities and herding. Just drop your routine, regular place and move the weekly meatloaf to the next month.

Do something that you wouldn’t usually do. Change your routine. For example, don’t go to the canteen, but to the Chinese restaurant next door. Meet up with colleagues or other self-employed for a working lunch and exchange ideas.

Stroll together over the public market. Or the other way around, don’t have a long break at lunchtime but spread out a few small snacks throughout the day.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

You see the idea? Break up your routines and remove the blinders of everyday life. Do something else and force yourself to look closely at the strange. Because creativity also means mindfulness. You can’t change things if you don’t notice them out of habit. That the compulsion doesn’t have to be so terrible is shown by the examples.

Train And Combine Associations

But whether you’re at the public market or just getting up from your desk and looking out the window, take advantage of such opportunities to train your creativity actively. There is no need for master-class prepared workshops. Five minutes of rest is enough, for example, to spin associations.

So look out the window. Let your eyes wander until it happens to stick to something. And then think about what you make of all that, what associations come to mind. Say what thoughts, knowledge and experiences you connect with your sensory impressions.

An example, you see the church steeple sparkle in the sunlight, and you can think of the novel about the Middle Ages that you have read. Or, you enjoy the view of a bright autumn day and think about your next vacation.

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

Why use it to train your creativity? Because creativity also means re-combining something. To link something that at first glance doesn’t seem to belong together. And these connections run through your associations, which is, what you mentally bring together. The more thoughts, impressions and knowledge you bring together, the better for ideas and creativity.

Have Fun With Little Creative Exercises In Between

As I said, to promote your creativity, there is no need for time-consuming workshops. Using public market and window images for associations is one possibility. Another is small creative exercises in between.

Do you have five minutes? Then you play a bit and let, exactly, your associations flow again!

Grab a pen and paper and think for example, what is blue? In which far countries could the Swifts fly, which break up in their winter quarters at the end of August?

Play what if games. Ask yourself, what if Swifts and other migratory birds stayed here in the winter? What if you could teleport to your job?

Look for analogies, similarities to what you see. With the clouds in the sky, do you also think of the cloud that’s produced by an aerosol container? Are you comparing planes with birds? Or the rush hour down the road with a hive and the eager in-and-out of its inhabitants?

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

Do the exercises with a colleague. It’s fun, and the ideas of the other inspire your own.

In this sense, use your breaks creatively. It’s no coincidence that many have their best ideas in the shower or the park. To clear one’s head, to let go, to give the subconscious space, to get new ideas and to spin thoughts, that is a good prerequisite for creativity and new ideas.


Learning From Cats

A Break Is The Ideal Setting For Quick Creativity

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