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50 Things of Something, The Truth is Out There

50 Things of Something, The Truth is Out There

1) I only write blog posts in the late afternoon.

2) Most people like cooler rather than warmer weather.

3) I prefer a pet over some humans.

4) People do the things they do because they are bored.

5) The moon landing is a fact.

6) I used “I” five times at the beginning of a sentence.

7) That’s why you should fall into the third person.

8) I read every written word in my articles 37 times.

9) I still manage to smuggle in grammar mistakes.

10) That’s a fact.

11) #10 is wrong.

12) Any slanderous and grammatically sketchy text should be banned.

50 things of something hashtag hahaha

13) I like to eat well and lean. Whether steak, eggs, bananas or cheese.

14) I wear two ribbons on my left wrist. The oldest is from 2008.

15) I enjoy creating funny articles.

16) I like the word “#@$%*!”.

17) Most blogs are rather dull.

18) I do not like happy endings in movies. They are too boring.

19) My hair is natural, non-existent.

20) I’ve been a class clown in elementary school. Today I am very introverted.

21) If there were a hidden camera installed in my car, the recordings would identify me as a nutcase.

22) I often sing hilarious when I’m alone.

23) In my opinion, one can experience a Rock Concert at home, in front of the TV.

24) I was ambidextrous as a primary school student but had to decide on one side. Since then, I’m right-handed, but I still do a lot with the left.

On The Other Hand 50 things of something

25) I like running games!

26) I can fabricate the best pancakes north of the equator.

27) I can cook and bake quite well, and sometimes I like to do both.

28) If I make an appointment with someone, I usually come too late, rarely too early. But if I am early, then extreme.

29) People who know me know better.

30) I do not like horror movies because they’re too boring. Sleep factor over 10! I have a similar situation with soccer.

31) Energy drinks, to me, are ineffective.

32) I have never been to the moon.

33) True strength is in serenity!

34) 1 and 1 almost always equals 2

35) I often have to laugh in inappropriate situations; I imagine something funny.

36) Thinking through 50 things of something can be quite exhausting!

50 Things of Something

37) The best readers of the whole wide world condense on my blog!

38) I still don’t like WhatsApp.

39) I rarely get upset about things. But if I do, run!

40) As a fact, the most prominent criminals in the country are within the government.

41) Even if my chest hair is inviting, it’s not a plucked instrument!

42) Many think that I know more than most. Not true, I nothing but google better.

43) I like it when things look good, and they are useful. Cucumbers are a good example.

44) Here could be your advertising!

45) I have been writing these 50 things of something for about three days now.

46) I sometimes answer spam emails with memes.

47) I usually take care of everything.

48) If something doesn’t work out, I’m the butts joke.

That Worked Out Well 50 things of something

49) Coffee > Cocoa.

50) Hobbits, notorious for dirty feet.

51) I bet you read #6 and counted for accuracy.

The Suffering Writer

The little box below is for your comments. The good and the bad, I want to read it all.


50 things of something

50 Things of Something

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